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  1. So i replaced both fuses and the machine works!!! Need to always keep spare ones..
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  2. I am doing the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. the reveal was last night there got it put together last night now I will do the borders tommorow
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  3. Cagey

    Happy New Year!!!!!

    I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year. May you and yours be healthy and well, bless with good fortune. May quilting designs come easily to your mind, may your back tracking be perfect, may your stitches be invisible in the ditch, and may your tension be balanced and true. Most of all may you remember family and friends are like a comfy quilt. One stitched together one piece at a time, sometimes not perfect, but filled with memories and love, at times frayed and torn, but always there to provide comfort and support keeping us warm through all life’s challenges. Cagey
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  4. Gamache

    panto storage

    If you store them in buckets, clothes pins clipped to the top with the design name written on it can help organize them.
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  5. Merryjo2003

    Doctor Who quilt

    This one was finished on 12/24 for a Christmas gift for my 18 year old Whovian daughter! The pattern is "Relatively Dimensional." I used minky on the back. Now I have to make another for myself! I digitized the embroidery on my embroidery machine so it would look official.
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  6. Terry, your Bonnie Hunter quilt looks gorgeous! Here's how the quilting on the vintage top looks so far. It's kind of hard to see the quilting. This top has issues, not many of the blocks are square and they don't line up. The seams are off by over an inch in some places! The fabrics range from very thin muslin to heavy duck cloth. It looks like some of the prints are old shirts or other clothing. You can see where there was previous stitching. It is also very dirty. I was afraid to wash it before quilting due to the condition of some of the fabric. I'll give it a good soak in retro clean onc
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