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    Exciting News!

    Hey everyone!! It's been forever since I've posted here... I can't believe how much has happened in the last couple years. I am so happy with my APQS machines. I use Millie for all my customer quilts and Lenni every single day to record a free motion quilting video to post on my Facebook page. I've posted over 230 videos so far and love reading the comments from quilters all over the world. If you ever need some inspiration, swing on over to my Facebook page and check out my videos. I would love your feedback. I took the first hundred designs and turned them into a book which just launched last week. I am so happy to be part of the APQS family!! https://www.facebook.com/whirlsnswirls/
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    My definition: If I made it for you...IT'S A QUILT...if I didn't then call it whatever you want.
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    Wanda: With 5 daughters it is strange how the boys just somehow show up at the house all the time. Heidi: I called it!!! Congratulations, and I hope and pray that the possible defect is not an issue. We had to live with a possible life threatening health issue with my 3rd for about 4 to 6 months. Each test kept indicating she would pass around age 7. Only after extensive testing at John Hopkins was it proven all the previous tests were inaccurate. She is a happy and healthy teen today. While it is difficult, I encourage your daughter, SIL, you, and the rest of the family to put any bad thoughts out of your mind for now. Hopefully it is something that can be easily be repaired after birth, or better yet a future test will prove it is nothing at all. Just a glitch in the imaging system. I will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. Best of luck, and God Bless. Cagey
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    Well the verdict is in - One of each! Please pray for Baby Boy. The ultrasound revealed a possible heart defect. Keeping the faith and prayer always helps!
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    Award at IHQS 2016

    Last week the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show in Bloomington, IN, celebrated its 25th anniversary. In honor of that, there was a special 25th Anniversary category for the judged quilts. At least 50% of each entry had to be silver or gray. I won 1st place with this quilt! Its name is Abondance argentée (French for Silvery Abundance). All of the solid silver is Radiance fabric. I quilted it with my George and used 100 wt. silk thread on the top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. I am very honored to have won this award in a category that celebrated this wonderful quilt show.
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    Hugs and prayers for you and your family.
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    My view...... Yes a word has a definition. For me, it's how the person talks about the "quilt" that I or someone else made. It's the look on their face, the tone of their voice and that twinkle in their eyes when they say that word "Quilt" or "Blanket". And when their love for that gift shows, my heart sings. Happy stitching everyone.
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    Thank goodness my grandchildren seem understand the importance of their quilts from Grandma. They are 6,4 and 2. I think their mom had a lot to do with them understanding how cool it is to get something handmade. Dylan (6) was playing the other day with some binder clips and he explained that these were "quilt aliens" and the eat quilt fabric! Only the words were pronounce quilt " aweons" and quilt "fabwic". Just cracked me up. I hope I can remember the sound of his sweet little boy voice till the day I die.
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    a quilt is a WORK OF ART . When sleeping under a Quilt you are Covered with LOVE. A blanket is a single woven item made mostly made from synthetic fibers.
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    NRQ Prayers Needed

    I have found quilting to be so interesting and to cross so many boundaries. It has expanded my views and interests much more than I ever could have imagined. I made my first quilt to honor my deceased sister, when her daughter had the first grand child. My sister always made something for my five daughters, so I figured I could make something for her daughter/grand-daighter. While she did not have much money, she was wealth beyond all imagination with her generosity and creativeness in knitting. That started my whole interest in quilting and sewing. My third quilt was for an old family friend that was battling brain cancer. The whole time I was piecing the quilt, I thought about the good times we as a family had experienced together and how much they meant to my parents. I hoped that he would use the quilt to keep warm as he went to his chemo treatments. I like to think that as many stitch that went into the quilt, equaled the prayers made for him. I do know while cancer may taken him from us, he won the battle by hanging on for much longer than the doctors expected. Though he was Jewish, his memorial was rather eclectic; with the rabbi opening the service, with a Baptist minister talking about his courage facing his illness, where a Muslim imam giving the eulogy, and finally the rabbi closed the service. Looking back, he brought so many people together simply by being the person he was and being supportive of his fellow man. Now I find myself when saying my prayers remembering so many people, Rita, Heidi's family, Judith, M.E, and the list goes on and on and on. While we may not have ever meet in person, we are a family supporting our craft and love. One where we offer tips and support, while at the same time being there when needed. For this I am thankful and grateful. I thank all of you for being such wonderful quilters and supportive of family and our art. Take care and God Bless. Cagey
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    Pray Gods grace on all. Keep the faith.
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    Friend's memory quilt

    Diane your quilting looks great on that quilt!!! I really like the look of that quilt!! I am currently working on two memory quilts. My Mother asked me to make two quilts for her from shirts that were my Dad's; she wants to give them to my two brothers for Christmas this year. She doesn't know it, but I am making a third as well, one for her (a double wedding ring). Liam, What a nice surprise for your mother. Deb.
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    They're in my prayers. Deb.
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    exhibition piece

    Here is one I finished that will become part of a vendor booth at Dallas Quilt show next weekend.
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    Friend's memory quilt

    Diane your quilting looks great on that quilt!!! I really like the look of that quilt!! I am currently working on two memory quilts. My Mother asked me to make two quilts for her from shirts that were my Dad's; she wants to give them to my two brothers for Christmas this year. She doesn't know it, but I am making a third as well, one for her (a double wedding ring).
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    David: First off if its under $50 its probably a blanket, and if it costs more than $50 it is probably a quilt. Though in reality I feel you must look at the "verb" tense of each word to get to the definition you are looking for. Blanket - verb - cover completely with a thick layer of something. Quilt - verb - join together (layers of fabric or padding) with lines of stitching to for a bed covering or warm garment, or for decorative effect. As I see it any single layer bed covering is a blanket. Once you get multiple layers it becomes a quilt in my humble opinion. Concerning those that use the wrong word referring to your art work, just consider it lack of understanding and ignorance in the subject. Just like words "clip" or "magazine" and "bobbin finger" or "bobbin tension spring". Try to use the proper terms when discussing any subject. In the end, when your family member asks you to make them a blanket, just hand them a layer of batting, as it meets the verb definition of a "blanket". Then they may come to understand the true meaning of the two words. Cagey
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    Hi, Just wondering about the HQ 16, does it come with a frame, or is it a "sit down" machine?
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    Mary Beth


    I did not think this day would ever get here. My first quilt has been loaded. It took me a little longer than it use to in the old days, but it it is loaded. I will be using a panto. It is also loaded. I forgot what it felt like trying to unroll a new panto and load it on the table. Like wrestling an elephant. The correct thread is on the machine with the right color bobbin. Yay!! Sometime tomorrow I will quilt. I hope.
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    Quilting Heidi

    Quilter Died, what do I do?

    If it were me I would quilt it the way the quilter asked and present it to the family as a last gift from her.
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    T Row Studio

    Batting Storage- my solution

    I was asked to show a picture of my Batting storage trolley my husband made for me . I can store 96 or 120" wide batting .I can store two rolls of batting and is on casters so I can roll it out to load and clean the dust bunnies that seam to gather in my studio. sorry having problems getting pictures to load again https://www.pinterest.com/pin/538602436666718485/ maybe you can see this Ya I got it Judith