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    Hi from a new Lenni owner

    Hello all! I just want to introduce myself. I've just ordered a new Lenni and I'm super excited! I currently own a Bailey Home Quilter on a 10 ft Inspira iQuilt frame, so this is a big upgrade for me and something that I've wanted for a while! I'm a new retiree, living in Northern Ontario, Canada, but currently wintering in Florida.
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    Bliss Quilter

    Christmas Table Runner

    This is a Christmas table runner I make for my sister lasr year. Originally it was a queen size block of the month which had 300+3 squares which are used on the outer border views. Porch I could not bring myself to stitching all 300 squares together. I have three more Tablerunners I will do the remaining pieces.
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    Some of the backing fabric is OK and I use some of them, and their piecing fabrics are OK for community quilts or those that will be dragged around by kids, however I will not use them for my quilts. The name brand fabrics such as Moda, RJR, Marcus, etc, are noticeably and definitely higher quality than the MJD fabrics. Their warehouse/shop is a 2-1/2 hour drive for me and I make a trip down once a year, oh what fun!
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    I love everything I have bought from Marshall Dry goods. But you are comparing apples to oranges when you compare much pricer fabric at twice the price. Carol
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    Ruler Mate

    I think I will try to take off the thread cutter and see how it goes. It does't seem to complicated to take off. I'll let you know how it goes!
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    I have purchased backing material and some tone on tones fabric from Marshalls. The backing material worked out fine. The tone on tones are okay, but I think Moda's are better; just my opinion.
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    Millie vs. Freddy ?

    Taking in all of the advice and attending a road show next weekend. Can't wait!! Thanks again for all the input. I'll let you know. Annie
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    Start with a batting with better loft like quilters dream wool. I have done one of these poorly hand pieced DWR quilt top that I bought from an old quilter, practiced on this quilt when I was a newbie. Turned out beautiful after quilting, tucks and all. I spray starched the problem areas too. You will be amazed how beautiful this quilt will look like after quilting, your magic wand will work.
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    Millie vs. Freddy ?

    MY suggestion is that you don't ask other people. Go to a road show and try them all--play on them and decide what is necessary for you, and what you can live without. I went determined to buy a Lenni, but ended up getting a Millie. And the discounts/specials I got for attending the free road show paid for the difference. And by the way I love my bobbin thread cutter.
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    Millie vs. Freddy ?

    A little over a year ago I was struggling with the same issue. I ended up going with the Millie because I did want the vertical channel locks as well as the horizontal. With the Millie you access both channel locks with a button on the front of the machine. The Freddie's horizontal lock, if I remember correctly, is accessed by moving a lever at the back of the machine. I have only used the thread cutter a couple of times to see how it worked. I didn't particularly like how short it left the tail of the bobbin thread and it was just as easy for me to pull the bobbin thread to the top and cut it with scissors so I haven't used it since. I do use the vertical locks with almost every quilt. If you are considering adding a computerized system (Quilt Path or Intelliquilter) you would have electronic channel locks by using the computer system however I like being able to use the channel locks without having my IQ on the machine. I think there was one other difference between the two machines but I don't remember what it was and for me the deciding factor was the vertical channel lock. After talking with my bank, the extra $1000 wasn't going to make that much difference in my payments so I went with what I wanted.