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    This time I used the quilt path, and free-motion quilting. It's a birthday gift for a girl eight years old.
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    I have been Blissed

    For years, I've wanted the Bliss system for my Millennium. I didn't actually upgrade until this week and boy, was it worth the wait!! The Bliss is installed and I'm quilting on glass. The feel is so different--it feels like I'm controlling my Millie with my thoughts, she's moving so effortlessly. Sort of like switching from a tractor to a Ferrari!! I'm going to have a bit of a learning curve, therefore, its one of my quilts on the machine and not a customer quilt. However, I can already tell that once I'm used to being Bllissed, it will be a blessing!!!! ;) If you are considering this upgrade, do it!!!!! Its so worth it!!! You won't be sorry!
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    Someone suggested that perhaps the discoloration was from the starch and suggested that I use a damp cloth and try wiping it off. I think it has taken off all the discoloration. Will check again in the morning but I think it is ok. Thanks for the suggestions.
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    My customer just won First Place, favorite quilt from the guild members and People's Choice at her local guild. I used So Fine and Bottom Line. Hobbs 80/20 and Dream Wool. This is a picture of Shirley and her grandaughter who will eventually receive the quilt. Spring Basket 031 by Libby G, on Flickr Spring Basket (7) by Libby G, on Flickr Spring Basket (5) by Libby G, on Flickr Spring Basket (9) by Libby G, on Flickr Spring Basket (10) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    Jenna's Sugar Skulls

    This was made by Jenna's mom, Mary. Mary passed away last month and was co-owner of our local quilt shop. I was blessed by quiling it for Jenna. Panto is sugar skulls by Patricia Ritter and thread is Glide Slate. 20160505_182105 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    Quilting Heidi


    The green glow you see coming from the northeast is just me I hope all of you have a fabulous time!
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    I have been Blissed

    I'm quilting one of my own quilts and found that my shoulders were really sore last night. Reason: Gripping too hard. I need to get comfortable with how easy Millie moves with the Bliss and loosen my death grip!!
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    Mary Beth

    I have been Blissed

    Dory, when I bought the used machine, I ordered Bliss. I can use two fingers to guide my machine. I have had to break myself of gripping the handles. I love it.
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    I have been Blissed

    Dory, I didn't regret buying mine. It's so easy to use I find that I quilt with just the right hand and use the left as a stabilizer on the quilt. It's just like doing ruler work.
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    Libby I saw this on my FB feed and didn't realise it was you. It looks even better now
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    Busy Quilting

    I have been Blissed

    Drop in for a quickie and see all these familiar faces....... Dory enjoy your Bliss I love mine!
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    I have been Blissed

    I feel the same way Dory, long lost friends! Some day perhaps we will meet. There are a lot of forum members I'd like to meet some day. Things are good! Work keeps me busy. I don't get to quilt as much as I would like. But do any of us? It is great to see ya on the forum!
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    Sunflower tote

    Darling bag. You are a designer, and you might as well start printing patterns for those of us who are not! Love it!
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    free motion Totes

    So, so pretty!
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    Today I mowed literally all day and I took my bath and decided I would see what inspiration I could find on the APQS site. I was not disappointed again! I love to find new Libby heirloom quilting pictures to devour after a hard day of work. Of course I look at the current one which is outstanding...and then I keep going back and back and back through all of the pictures of the gorgeous quilts on her Flickr site. Amazing! Thanks for the quilt show again, Libby! You are so inspiring!
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    I have been Blissed

    Hi Liam... I'm not on here often, but I was happy to see your name. How's things???? Although we've never met, I feel like we're long lost friends. What's up with that???
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    I have been Blissed

    I am jealous!
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    I have been Blissed

    Congratulations! Welcome to the blissed world!
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    new fuses, no power

    are you sure you got the fuse in correctly.... I had one person call and they actually had put the fuse back into the draw area of the cord instead of the correct place...therefor not getting any power. also check to see if the fuse is actually a good fuse,. They do break easily and still look okay. Have gotten several from Radio Shack with the wire broken inside.