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    My daughter just called to ask for more prayers for EM (age 14). Thanks to all your prayers she had made it through three rounds of chemo and was in the hospital waiting to go home for a few days before the last round of chemo. Last Thursday everything looked good with the blood counts. She caught an infection and has been put into an induced coma as the infection is impacting her lungs, blood pressure and heart. They are waiting for some special medicine. Her mother said it was 50/50 at the moment. The family believes in the power of prayer and thanks you for your recent prayers. Wed. 6/15 update. EM underwent 4 hr surgery to place her on ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) Extracorporeal means the blood circulates outside the body with the help of a machine. Membrane Oxygenation referred to as "artificial lungs". This is to allow the lungs to heal and assist the heart if necessary. Also still on ventilator and still induced coma. Tube to drain stomach, tube to feed over intestine. Add dialysis to assist kidneys remove all the fluid. Blood and platelets are also being given. They are assuming this may last 3-4 weeks. Thank you for the prayers that helped her make it through surgery. UPDATE;6/22 Yesterday the ECMO machine and dialysis were removed. Her lungs appear to be clearing. She is alert and wanting the ventilator tube removed which they hope to do today. Your prayers have been answered. Good News 6/28 EM has been moved out of ICU back to a regular hospital room. She will be getting physical therapy to overcome the effects of being in ICU/induced coma. Then she has the 4th round of chemo to face. Thank you for you continued prayers.
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    Beachside Quilter

    Quilts for victims in Orlando

    Thanks, Meg, for the link. This is very close to home for us here in Southwest Florida. I will accept blocks and/or quilts from anyone who wants to contribute but is unable to complete an entire quilt. Please note they are requesting at least lap size quilts. Our guilds in Southwest Florida will work to complete these blocks and/or quilts if anyone would like to send them to me. PM me privately for my mailing address, or you can find me under "Dealers" on the APQS home page. Thank you all for your thoughts and assistance! Vickie Oliver Beachside Quilter APQS Sales Service Training SW Florida
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    Quilting Heidi

    Annabelle's quilt finally done

    This quilt is for my 3rd granddaughter. Finally got it done, she is now 4 months old. I always let her mom pick whatever theme she wants; I figure I get to make a quilt that I know will be used and my grandbabies get Nana snuggles every night :-). Her mom was slow in deciding on theme for this one so that made me behind too. She decided she wanted mermaids and she likes anything under the sea. She found a picture of a bench (company is no longer in business) she liked so I went from there. The mermaids and fish are pre-printed fabric that I just turned the edges. The crab was an machine embroider design I had purchased for her big sister's quilt so I just turned that into an applique instead of using the machine. I created a background with the sand and an ombre color way for the water as the base and added things from there. The quilting went super quickly. I was especially pleased with how the seaweed quilted. It was all super simple quilting. The sand is one of my favorites. My daughter suggested the wavy lines on diagonal to simulate the way sand looks at the beach.
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    A panto would work very well on this quilt. I you want a more formal look, of course, some custom work would be great. So think about the purpose - casual? everyday? wall hanging? etc. If you don't think custom is necessary, here's what I do. I take a picture of the top, and attach it to an email that I send to the ladies at Urban Elementz. I let them know the purpose, theme, message, or whatever, and they will run off and brainstorm about pantos. They always send me back a list of suggested pantos. Sometimes I pick from those, or use them as a guide to look for others with the same general design. Works every time. There is a panto I really like, though I never thought I would. I like it for a quilt for a guy, a charity quilt, or a casual everyday quilt, or just because it will deliver wonderful texture: Bolero. It's the easiest, quickest panto I've used, and always delivers wonderful texture. See what Urban Elementz suggests. Urban Elementz (info@urbanelementz.com).
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    Quilts for victims in Orlando

    Count me in! I'm cutting fabrics tonight!
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    Quilts for victims in Orlando

    Vickie, I have to believe they would accept blocks as well as completed quilts, but you're right, it isn't clear from the information on the web-site, and other people seem to have the same question. Here is the email address I found: orlandomodernquiltguild@gmail.com . Hopefully you can get an answer that way.
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    Quilts for victims in Orlando

    I have gone to the web site and checked it out. Slightly confused. Are they looking for 10" blocks or are they asking for quilt? I'm more than happy to contribute blocks, but at the moment I can't handle an entire quilt. Anyone with additional information would be appreciated. Thanks