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    SOLD! For Sale 2014 APQS Millennium with Quilt Path $22,000.00.
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    My Nephew has developed a two drawer system that suspends under APQS Bliss or Bliss ready tables. They are now available on our website. View "Dylan's Drawers" here...https://www.facebook.com/SparrowStudioz/posts/1251868024823642
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    Still having problems

    I would call Dave Jones back, and ask him what gives? I for one believe when he left your home that your machine should have been running perfectly, without the needle depth a bit low. He should have watched you quilt, and I would have thought he would have pointed out any issues you had that might have caused a needle strike or other major event. He might be able to stop by your place on his way around the country. I would not have thought the machine would have crashed a short time after he fixed it. After that, to be perfectly honest with you, I would consider your machine a lemon. I would stop putting anymore money into it, and start saving for a certified used or newer used machine. Quilting should not be this much work for you. It should bring you pleasure, not pain. Reading your posts, it seems painful. While you have produced wonderful quilts at times, it seems like it has been a lot of work to do so. I hope everything works out well for you. Best of luck, and keep up your spirits. Cagey
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    Newbie questions

    You're being too hard on yourself. 1/2 and inch is nothing to worry about. The quilt will pull in as you're quilting it. And it's rare to have a perfectly square quilt. They relax when you take them off the frame. I float my quilts because it's easier for me. But I've often thought, with larger quilts, I would have more control if I did pin to the top bar.
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    Bonnie in Ok

    Finished shirt quilt

    Made from 50 men's dress shirts.
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    Gammill owner

    I also have a mid arm, and this forum has helped me tremendously. I have a down payment on a Millie. I went to the quilt show is Syracuse on Friday to try out the Millie again to make sure it's what I want before paying the rest. It looks like I'm going to be contacting them this week to let them know I will be purchasing a Millie. Deb.
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    Time to quilt a customer's quilt?

    No way you could do 7 quilts in 8 hours! I can freehand meander a small baby quilt in just over an hour. Maybe 5-6 hours hours on a medium density queen panto or 7 on one more dense. Don't try to kill yourself meeting someone else's goals. I find that if I rush a panto, the tension is not as good. I think it is better to go a little more slowly and have excellent tension on the back, especially if you are quilting for customers.
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    Finished shirt quilt

    Love the look............a friend of mine goes to the Thrift Store and buys men's shirts by the bag full, cuts them up to make quilts. Sometimes she will use a shirt pocket or the buttom flap........really cute. Another friend made table runners from men's shirts and used the button flap down the center..........the husband of HER friend passed away and she asked for something to be made for each of her grown kids as a remembrance............after making the table runners, there were enough scraps left to make a lap quilt for the widow as well.............love that idea.
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    Quilting for show

    Here's a tip if you want to leave the threads for your customer to knot and bury and keep them out of your way---insert a straight pin next to the exiting threads and wrap the two threads around the pin as many times as they can. They are now out of your way and easy for the customer to find and deal with. Watch out for pin pokes and glass heads pins hold better. The customer can give the pins back to you or you can charge a nominal amount for them. (This way you'll also see how many ends you would have needed to bury if you did them yourself!)
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    Time to quilt a customer's quilt?

    Meant to add - when I time myself, a tip I recently learned to keep in mind : when working at a workplace, office, etc you get up walk around, grab a coffee, go to the bathroom, sometimes someone stops by your desk to ask you how your weekend was etc. and you still get paid that hourly wage/salary - so don't be super regimented with timing your actual quilting time either :-) there is no way I could do 7 quilts in a day!! LOL That is insane!
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    Time to quilt a customer's quilt?

    Linda said it perfectly - find 3 or so edge to edge patterns that you have mastered and can do without thinking and planning too much. The more quilts you do, the more you will perfect and create a system of loading, straightening, basting, etc. Tools - have a thread and bobbin system that gives you consistent thread tension and you don't have to waste time playing around with it all the time. pre-wound bobbins also save time. Many people prefer leader grips or red snappers for loading quilts as they find it quicker to load up a quilt. distractions - laundry, coffee making, phone, internet, changing channels on the tv/radio all create distractions. ( speaking from experience) Take one quilt and use it as a tool to really pay attention to where you are spending your time - is it the physical quilting time that is taking so long, or is it all f the other things like clipping threads, loading, straightening, pressing, thinking, contemplating, auditioning colours, planning, winding thread, tidying areas... I've done this a few times and realized that after each pass on an e2e I tend to 'wander' my focus. Now that I am aware of it, I allow myself some time to 'wander' but also the awareness gives me more focus to redirect back to the task. Hope that makes sense. The one thing I haven't done yet is actually time myself and record in a little book - how long each quilt, design, size, etc takes me to quilt so that over time I can get a better idea of my average. And again....like Linda said, if you work too quickly you will make mistakes, your tension will futz and then your frustration will kick in. :-)
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    Tula Pink Butterfly Quilt