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    Sometimes all a baby quilt needs is a little fast free hand. The balloon fabric inspired me to make up a new free hand. After a little practice on paper, I just did it! My client and I loved it. The other free hand of flowers, leaves, spirals, and feathers is a favorite free hand that I do a lot because it is just so pretty. .
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    Still having problems

    I have two commercial vintage sewing machines, a blind hemmer and a serger, that sew as awesome as they did when I bought them 40 years ago. APQS machines are commercial machines and build to be used and used and used. Some parts, with many hours of use, can wear and need to be replaced. You mentioned your machine is 21 years old and used a lot, there could be a worn part. Call the Service Department at 800-426-7233. Angie and Amy are amazing and will definitly help you troubleshoot. The call is free! They can look up your serial number and see what history they have on your machine. Just curious if the needle bar is loose. If you hold the needle bar between your thumb and fore finger, can you move it sideways, even just a little bit? Close your eyes and feel. I had the privilege of working on vintage APQS machines at the factory for a week and the needle bar was one of the worn parts we replaced. Angie and Amy would be able to tell you what your machine needs. There are times a machine needs to be sent back to the factory, but many of us, who are APQS Reps, have taken advanced training and can do much of the repair work previously done at the factory. APQS has wonderful instructions with pictures and videos, so you, as an owner, can also do much of the service on your machine! (I would rather have a problem with an APQS machine than my vacuum cleaner. The APQS Service Department will help you even if you weren't the original owner, and they do it with an awesome attitude!) Regarding the MagnaGlide bobbins, the purpose of the small magnet in the bobbin is to put a little drag on the spin of the bobbin so it doesn't over-rotate. Bobbin cases are inexpensive and many of us have one we use just for MagnaGlide, or other pre-wounds, so we don't have much adjustment when we replace a bobbin. Pre-wound bobbins are convenient! You have a machine capable of some awesome quilting. Let's get it working!
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    Vintage Plate Quilt

    This is a quilt Patsy pieced using the vintage plates that were hand pieced. She added the centers, and the borders. I used several different digital patterns and freehand to quilt this, using Magnifico thread top and bottom. It took forever. She picked it up this morning and was so happy! ! ! So was I! Thanks for looking 20160729_104047 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20160729_104116 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20160729_104106 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20160729_104102 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    I challenged myself to come up with a music quilt celebrating my 40 years of music ministry in church and parochial schools that was modern in nature and a bit out of my box. Here is what I came up with. Had lots of fun using templates and using free motion to create movement in the negative spaces.
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    Sheila It is fine to use if it works for you. We used some linty thread in the beginning and it worked well but found the better threads ran cleaner with less tension issues. Nigel
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    Beachside Quilter

    Vintage Plate Quilt

    Love, love, love it, Dell! Your design choices really make the most of these vintage blocks! Well done!!
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    Sorry to hear you have to sell your Millie. Life sometimes throws you a curve ball, to avoid striking out you make sacrifices. I recently had to sell my Millie too. Sad to see her go. Hopefully someday I can replace her and hopefully you will be able to replace yours! Good Luck!
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    I dew quilting

    A Memory Quilt for Ms Alice

    Finished a memory quilt for Ms Alice's granddaughter. The tree is made from Ms Alice's shirts. I still need to soak the markings, block and bind but the quilting is finished. Ms Alice loved roses and received a rose bush each Mother's Day. I used two layers of batting, 80/20 on the bottom and QD poly on top. Glide thread. It is 40x40 and will be framed. All quilting is free hand on my Millie.
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    I have nested circles and like them. I mark the position with chalk, then use fingertips on the ring, thumb on the quilt to stitch around them, readjusting as necessary to keep the ring along the marked line. These are a love it or hate it thing.
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    Great for marking quilts. I don't necessarily use them as a guide for the hopping foot.
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    Gammill owner

    One of the many reasons I love APQS, they don't limit the forum to APQS only. Everyone is welcome, we may tease you about your machine but never anything serious. Welcome to the forum. Deb, what great news, let us know when you order Millie (or someone else).
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    Still having problems

    I would call Dave Jones back, and ask him what gives? I for one believe when he left your home that your machine should have been running perfectly, without the needle depth a bit low. He should have watched you quilt, and I would have thought he would have pointed out any issues you had that might have caused a needle strike or other major event. He might be able to stop by your place on his way around the country. I would not have thought the machine would have crashed a short time after he fixed it. After that, to be perfectly honest with you, I would consider your machine a lemon. I would stop putting anymore money into it, and start saving for a certified used or newer used machine. Quilting should not be this much work for you. It should bring you pleasure, not pain. Reading your posts, it seems painful. While you have produced wonderful quilts at times, it seems like it has been a lot of work to do so. I hope everything works out well for you. Best of luck, and keep up your spirits. Cagey
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    Still having problems

    Did you check the troubleshooting section on this forum for ultimate ll questions?
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    Bonnie in Ok

    Still having problems

    Talk to Service dept at APQS and if they advise sending it in it would be worth all the frustration you are feeling. I don't know what is wrong but sounds like something creates some minor movement to cause problems. Sorry I have no ideas of help but will check back to hear how your problem gets solved.
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    I finally put my Swoon quilt (Thimble Blossoms) on Freeda - my most ambitious quilting to date Continuous Curves in the swoon block; Curved crosshatching and feathers in white areas . . . I used the leftovers from making all those HSTs to make a pinwheel border. I used two layers of batting - Hobbs Wool on top; Hobbs 80/20 underneath; Glide thread; Lisa Calle's ProEcho Rulers.