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    I'm so excited !

    We have made the decision to sell our home and 4 acres and move to town ! We are building an "older age friendly" home that will be all on one floor..........no steps (that we have to use), wide hallways, doorways, pull bars in the bathroom, etc.............neither of us are to that point yet, but after having my Mom out and in her wheelchair, we saw the writing on the wall...........We are both 68 and time is marching on way too fast............anyway, the BEST part is I will have a 17 ' x 30' Quilting Studio ! Everything will be in one big room with lots of storage, drawers, cabinets, cutting table, my long arm............I can't wait for that.............Been going up and down steps a lot late while sorting out closets and purging...........I will be SO GLAD to be rid of the steps............ We currently have a 120 acre farm, but will keep the farm ground and just sell off 4 acres, a couple buildings and the house............DH not quite ready to give it all up just yet, so we won't..........he can still come out and fish in the pond, putter, but he won't have 3 1/2 hours of mowing to do any more or 3 hours of pushing snow in the winter. Our lot in town is a whopping 1/2 acre ! Looking forward to having more free time to do other things.........We like to travel, so having a smaller place in town will make it easier for someone to come over and check on things when we are gone............
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    Quilting Heidi

    Twins and news

    Well today is a big day for me. I have formally resigned from my job and will retire as of Sept. 30th. I actually only have 12.87 days to work, 102.96 hrs but whose counting. In about 2 min. I'll only have 95.96 minutes :-) the remaining time I will have to use my vacation time because we can no longer be paid out. I will be keeping the twins full time when my daughter goes back to work. On that note they are growing and doing well. Landon is now up to 8.4 lbs! We are doing out best to fatten him up. They are so precious, lots of work but precious. I've taken on the 8 pm and 11 pm feedings and I wouldn't trade it for anything! They grow up so fast it will be over in a blink of an eye. We took them last week for a photography session. Anybody in the Albany area if you want the information on the photographer let me know, she is more than worth the money! Fabulous session. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. This was what we woke to as our teaser this morning. Can you stand it? I can't! I want a mural of it. Just makes me smile!
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    WW Quilter

    Bluecut fire

    You may have heard about the fast moving wildfire that has been burning in my area around Wrightwood, CA. . My husband and I saw it on Tuesday, just after it started, as we were coming home from a doctor appt.. We always hate to see a fire in these dry condition, but were not too concerned as it was about 15 miles from our home. However, it moved so fast and furiously that by Wednesday, we were given the notice to evacuate. Once we saw the flames coming over a nearby ridge, we did just that! We have been staying at my son's in Hesperia, out of the line of fire. If you have ever had to evacuate (our 3rd time in 28 years), it is hard to decide what to take and to leave! I did convince my husband that in addition to our furbabies and vital documents that the head to my Lenni had to come too! So we packed her up and took her too! Things look very much better in the fire area now. The flames were within 1000ft of the easternmost homes, but the firemen and change in wind direction were able to keep these homes safe. Sadly, the fire destroyed at least 96 homes (and still assessing) in the valley a few miles from us. We are still waiting for the evacuation order to be lifted, but are much relieved that it appears our homes are safe. Requesting prayers for our families who have lost so much! And much praise to those brave firefighters who stand between us and the fire!
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    Mary Beth

    I am retiring too

    Since Heidi has announced her retirement, I will announce mine too. In February, Garmin will be closing the call center I work in. We can keep our jobs and drive to the other call center, however, it is on the Kansas side of the state line, and it is about 35 miles one way. Now, 35 miles does not sound bad, but it is the opposite side of Kansas City from me, diagonally across the city, in rush hour traffic, both ways. I am too old for this!! If the drive isn't bad enough, taxes are different on that side of the line, and we have been directed to talk with our CPA to find out what we need to do about filing our taxes, Ick!!! My dad passed away on July 7th of this year. I have been going to their home to help my mom with the sale of their home and personal belongings, so she can move to Independence, MO with my brother. This means she will be closer to me, only about 20 miles away. I am thinking this job move/my retirement, is coming at a good time, so I can spend more time with my mom. She just turned 86 and is not in the best health. Hopefully, I can get reacquainted with my quilting room in the next few weeks. May need to start quilting for business someday.
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    Quilting Heidi

    I'm so excited !

    Congrats Linda! You are 100% right now is the time to do that. We are in the middle of the process now. Sold our 2 story home and now building a one level. We too will only have a 1/2 acre. You will love having your studio all in one spot. 17 x 30 sounds about perfect. I had 13 x 32 previously and it was a little to narrow. We'll have to finish off the basement in the new house for my studio but my plan is to make it bigger than my old one.
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    Thread fraying/breaking

    Once you have verified that the needle is in correctly, check the thread path. In one photo it looks like the thread may be behind the screw that holds the pigtail. It is possible to break a needle and not experience thread breaks due to a burr. There certainly may be a burr causing this but look at the simple solutions first. Unthread and rethread using the machines manual as a guide. Its easy to overlook a simple misguided thread path.
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    Bobbin winder troubles

    Thought I'd post a follow up - APQS suggested I use the thread cone cover.... that completely did the trick! Just in case anybody else has issues ever.... use the thread sleeve.
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    WW Quilter

    Twins and news

    They are so precious! It sounds like a retirement dream! Congrats!
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    Mary Beth

    Very Impressed

    I have been seeing open toes on quilting machines, and was "window shopping" on the APQS site for the hopping foot that would work on my machine. I knew there had to be more to it than that foot shown, the shaft just wasn't long enough. I sent an email to APQS through the "contact us" on the website and had an answer in a matter of minutes. That is service!!! So happy I have an APQS machine.