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    donna sco

    NQR EM is cancer free

    The doctors say EM is cancer free--no leukemia. Today she had the broviac line removed She is attending school as she can between continued visits to clinic to monitor blood, kidneys, etc. She was diagnosed on 3/4/16 and the past few months have been rough. Thank you for your prayers. The family believes strongly in prayer.
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    Sunny Quilter

    Ellie and Squeak

    I am just see the photos and I love your piece work as well as your custom quilting. Beautiful!
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    One possibility from personal experience...and I usually float my tops. As you advance your quilt, are you engaging your channel locks at the top edge of your quilt and coming down towards the belly bar? If you are even quilting a medium density, the quilt tends to draw up a bit from the quilting so with each advance the bottom can become a slight bit narrower. If there are lots of advanced, like with a king size quilt, the amount can be a challenge. What works for me when I float a top is to put a long strip of painters tape on the quilt top bar, near my belly. After I stitch my quilt to the back, at the beginning, I use my channel locks to make sure everything is lined up, then I mark the tape for the quilt edges, side borders and maybe every 6", or the seams between blocks, whichever seems most reasonable. As I advance my quilt everything stays in line and I never have excess unless the quilt wasn't square to begin with and I can usually "quilt that out" while keeping everything lined up.
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    Spa Treatment

    Many of the APQS Dealers have been trained at the factory to do spa treatments in your home or their studio, depending how involved. They give it a thorough check up and replace parts worn from use. A few examples might be motor brushes, needle bar, rocker arm, hook assembly, re-packing the gear box. A good indicator of what your machine might need would be how many hours it has been used for actual quilting. It may just need a thorough cleaning. In your manual is a maintenance chart you can follow to keep your machine running smooth for years.
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    Ellie and Squeak

    Just fabulous!! Deb.
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    pam's Quilt is finished

    Oh my. How beautiful. Deb.
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    Quilting Heidi

    Just saying "Hi"

    Hi Everybody! Just wanted to say hi to everybody! I haven't gotten much quilting done lately, in fact I've gotten zero quilting done but I do check in. The babies are growing and doing so good. They are both very happy and such good babies. They are now smiling and oh boy do they light up the room. Landon is doing really well and gaining weight. They are both over 10 lbs! I can't believe how much they have grown and that 2 1/2 months have flown by. Landon's heart is doing very well and the dr's are pleased with his progress and also amazed. Every time we see the pediatrician she says, "I can't believe this baby has hypo plastic left side." We are so thankful for the miracle of prayer. I truly believe that all of the prayers said for our little guy has made a difference! Keep it up!!!!! Not sure when surgery will be yet but we keep praying that he keeps doing as well as he is. Oh and any of you wondering if twins are really double the work... YES! In fact some days I feel like it is 3 or 4 times the work. LOL or I'm just getting older. The hardest part is they are on different schedules. We're still having to force feed Landon so we have to wake him every 3 hours whether he wants to or not. Scarlett eats every 4 - 5 hours and can drain a 4 oz bottle in about 4 mins! LOL she has a very healthy appetite. Of course I just can't resist sharing some beautiful smiles. That's my update. I hope you are all doing well.
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    Busy Quilting

    Just saying "Hi"

    Heidi, The Grandfamily is growing and looking great. Keep enjoying them all they are our rewards for loving their parents!
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    Lora take off your left side cover and give everything a good clean and wipe out. Then only oil when the wicks are dry to the touch.
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    Sheri Butler

    Quilts of Valor

    Well, thank you everyone for your kind words. I cannot for the LIFE OF ME use my smart phone to post pictures on this site. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! With that said....lets hope THIS works..