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    Funny Story

    Hi Friends, I don't post a ton on the Forum but have read quite a bit of the threads for over the past 2 years. I mostly speak when I need someone to speak back at me answering a trouble shooting question. I am a part time quilter as unfortunately I have a full time job but love every minute I get to spend in the studio. Once upon a time I read a thread about the backing fabric, while already loaded on the machine and after the quilt was almost done quilting the quilter realized it was too short!! Yikes who could ever load a backing fabric knowing it was too short! Didn't you measure twice? Well I was certain that this thread that I read could NEVER pertain to me because I carefully measure all of the backings and I would never need to refer to that thread again! (lol) Moral of the story - don't be so sure of yourself.......(lol) Measure twice! And thank you to all of you wonderful quilters that have ran short of backing fabric and not realizing it until you were almost done! I learned a lot from all of you. I promise I will never do that again! Much Respect Patrice xoxoxoxo
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    I just published the latest Quiltniques blog post: http://quiltniques.blogspot.com/ Enjoy.
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    I am working on a customers quilt Made from cut up panels ,bordered and sashed. the panel is gorgeous . I and adding thread painting to the panels and a wavy line detail that mimics the border fabric I should have it off the frame today. I love the colors in this quilt. Hope you enjoy and have a great day. sorry this one is sideways
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    Wedding Gift for my Niece

    Here are some pics of a quilt I just finished up for my niece who got married 5 weeks ago....The couple wanted something "modern" and I found a pic of this on pinterest. It's mostly half square triangles with a few solid blocks thrown in. Each block is 10 half square units and 6 square units. All blocks are the same and are turned various ways when laying them out to get the overall design. I thought about quilting straight lines, but wasn't sure the quilt would line up exactly with my channel locks...and no, I didn't square each block after I made it. I started quilting with a free hand leaf type design that was similar to the little melon shapes in the background fabric; it morphed slightly as I progressed. I used one layer of Hobb's 80/20 bleached and white cotton sateen on the back, with Metro thread in top and bobbin. The quilt measures 94 x 109 inches .
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    Well my version of Wild and Goosey is off the frame and ready for the binding. I have not counted the pieces yet but there is a S....t load. I love how the black and white helps showcase all the different colors .I was able to make a border using the same block and changing some colors. I am very happy with the final quilt. Thanks for looking Here is a close up it is hard to take pictures on the black.
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    Ann Wight

    APQS is Great for Denim Quilts

    I was reading this morning in a Facebook group of professional quilters and came across a post wondering if they could quilt a denim quilt on a longarm. When I got my Millennium, it never occurred to me to question if I could quilt denim or not--I just did it! Thanks APQS for making a machine that doesn't have to be questioned! Here are a few photos of some of my denim quilts and more in my Picasa album: Edited to add one more photo of what the seams look like when top is ready to quilt. I couldn't figure out how to add a photo to a quoted comment, so I am posting it here in response to a question. https://picasaweb.google.com/104717890452996658520/DenimQuilts#
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    Love it! your quilting on the horses is great! What thread are you using?
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    wild and goosey ready for binding

    Wow! I love all the colors!!!! Love Love Love IT!
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    That turned out great!
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    wild and goosey ready for binding

    Sure is a beauty!
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    The quilt has a bit of an ethereal or other worldly or mystical (sorry, not sure of the right descriptor) look to it and your quilting really keeps with that quality. Very nice!
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    ANOTHER very friendly border! :/

    Well I know who to call now when my quilt goes awry ... ;-).
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    ANOTHER very friendly border! :/

    You're SOOOO lucky!!!
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    ANOTHER very friendly border! :/

    Oh my! Has word gotten out that you know how to o handle these quilts? Deb.
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    Pepsi Girl

    To Float or Not to Float...

    I recently watch a YouTube called "Loading Lori's Way". It is my new way of loading a quilt. I've use it 5 or 6 times now and I'm happy with the results. I do use "Red Snappers" at first I thought they were a waste of money. The snapping was not a snap! But I persevered and watched a few youtubes and I'm pretty happy with them now. Plus with the new way of loading I only have to snap the backing. Wow I don't know how I did that ! But there you have it
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    Quilt Path Instructions

    Maria, that's exactly what I did. Read it all and used the simulator on my desktop. Let's you hit the ground running. Have fun with QP. I love it. It's wonderful to have.
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    Using rulers with George

    Hi Nancy: Since you are a newbie, I hope what I'm about to say is not too elementary for you. If you have rulers or templates designed for use with longarm machines (they are thicker than the standard rotary cutting rulers) then I would think a sticky strip of the velcro hook on the bottom of the ruler might work. You also need one of the thicker profile feet that are available with George. I would not attempt any ruler work with thin rulers or the thin foot that comes on George. If your foot jumps the ruler while you are quilting, chaos may ensue. Many of us also use a Halo (from Sharon Schamber) or the quilting hoops by Martelli (spelling?) to stabilize the quilt sandwich while we are moving the fabric. It is also possible to stitch in the ditch free motion...you just need to go fairly slowly. Hope this helps, Nancy in Tucson
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    Using rulers with George

    I'm not sure if it's searchable, but this topic was discussed a while ago. Until someone who uses rulers with their George chimes in, I remember that they used grippers on the back of the ruler to securely position it, and then held the ruler while moving the fabric along the edge of the ruler. I was amazed at the ingenuity and skill needed to use a ruler this way!