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    Using up stash

    I wanted to use up my supply of plaids, stripes, and checks. Ha! It will never happen. I used only my stash for the quilt top. Lots of piano keys that are lost in the stripes. I quilted them to avoid a problem in the borders. The outside border is pieced and I'd used many woven fabrics. I just love my Lucey and plan to get better at using her.
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    Edited post with a short video tour of my Featured quilted area at the show. I Hope you enjoy I will post pictures of my quilts next week I am so excited today is our local Quilt show. I have been named one the feature quilters at our show . This is quite and honor I am given a special area where 20 of my own quilts will be hung. I have selected some of my favorite quilts I have made over the years as well as some new ones I got done under the wire. I also have 7 more that are in the actual show. I am looking forward to sharing my quilts with everybody in the Red Deer and surrounding areas. My Daughter is coming today before the show stars and photographing my quilts I will show pictures after the week end. Here is the before picture of 22 of my quilts yesterday morning as I was packing them up. Have a great week-end I know I will enjoy all the visiting Laughing and shopping ans Sharing that goes with this kind of event.
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    Using up stash

    Thanks, all. Appreciate the kind words. Now back to it: I just found two spots I forgot to quilt
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    Excellent way to go FLDonna. Next time you have the needle plate off to clean I suggest you take a couple of minutes and look at how the needle and hook kiss. That adjustment is the hardest part of the timing process so why not see it now while your timing is good. I think the instructions say the needle should slightly deflect but there could be a big difference in how each of us interprets that. Then when the day comes you have to time (hopefully not for years) you will have a better understanding of the instructions. Just my two cents Nigel
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    NQR - Asking for Prayers

    My heart is sad that this young couple has to go through this. Prayers are definitely going up for them and all the family.
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    NQR - Asking for Prayers

    I am so sorry. You and your family are in my prayers. Deb.
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    Congratulations and have a wonderful time! Deb.
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    Wow, That is awesome! So proud of you. Wish I could come to enjoy the eye candy!
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    Finished 116 by 122 inches!!!!!

    Great Job! Stunning! Thanks for sharing Diane
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    I'm SEW Excited ( edited video added )

    Congratulations! So happy for you. ;-)
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    Congrats! Can't wait to see the pictures. ")
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    Congratulations! Be sure to post pictures of them hanging at the show!
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    Nice!!! Wish I was going too! Congratulations Terry!
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    Congratulations, Terry! A well-deserved honor!
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    Congratulations. I'm looking forward to seeing the collection.
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    Congratulations! I can't wait to see the pics of all your quilts!!!