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  1. jimerickson

    Long arm needles

    I thought I'd update you all on my experience with my long arm needles. Since I last reported, I've re-timed my Gammill to run the Schmetz SERV 7 needles. I can recall breaking only one needle, and it was with the Gammill, and was on a very heavy seam. Not the kind of deflection break one gets by moving the machine, but simply breaking because it couldn't penetrate the layers of fabric. I never damage the needle point anymore, and seem to be able to use a needle endlessly without changing it. The stitch quality has improved on both my machines. I now have much less directional tensio
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  2. Sheri Butler

    2002 milli

    one gal sold a 2004 for 6,000, included was an expanded base, bobbins, thread, books, pantos and she tossed in free training on the machine!
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  4. quilterkp, I am located in NW Florida and am considering selling my 2009 Millie. It has very low hours but is mounted on the 10' table with casters. Would include the Hartley table for ruler work. Contact me at mmsuno@aol.com or 713-582-3938 if interested. It won't be available until around the end of this year or the beginning of next year.
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  5. You might want to contact him---he always seems to have some machines/tables available. You can ask him what he has and price.
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  6. Dave Jones is Deloa Jones' husband. He travels all around the US servicing machines, delivering machines, etc. He also will cut down a table if it's too big for your space, etc. With my original ULT, he picked up my machine, serviced it, cut down my table, added quilt advance, added ruler foot, delivered it, set it up, etc.
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  7. It's a 2007 Millennium. I was all set(pretty much phone in hand) to call Nolting and make arrangements to have a SR put on my ULT and then slowly upgrade other things i.e. front handles, etc., when the ad on this site for the "storm sale Millie" popped up. I immediately contacted the person posting the listing and she sent me pictures and we conversed. She didn't want to mess with "clean, service, and repair(if need be), and insurance gave her enough to order a new machine. The room where the machine lived had the windows blown out, so it had some dried on mud/dirt. Not bad at all in my opin
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