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    Bonnie in Ok


    I know this has nothing to do with your question but I just wanted to share. I use mostly use red snappers sew onto one set of zippers then the other set of zippers I can use to pin if I need to switch a quilt out for some reason.
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    Needle Flex and Tension

    Debbie: The directions that Dawn describes in the video is 180 degrees out or opposite of what is described in the video as we move the fabric instead of the machine. To complicate things further , we rotate the machine 90 degrees and sit on the side of it. Dawn first says the best quality stitch will be moving the machine Left to Right, because the needle is deflecting to the left. On a George this will be moving the fabric Front to Back. Remember George is mounted 90 off of where you would stand on an table mounted machine. Thus when you move the fabric Front to Back, you are deflecting the needle Left as described in the video. Dawn then says the best quality will be when you move the machine towards you. On George this is when you move the fabric Left to Right. That is to say the needle is being bent to the right, towards the hook or towards the throat area of George. Remember the needle flexes because of the drag on the fabric. That is to say, the needle is still depressed into the fabric when it is moving, thus the needle bends in the direction the fabric is moving. So to clarify, when you move the fabric Front to Back, you move the needle away the hook assembly as it makes it rotation around the bobbin, tying the knot slightly later. The same the holds true when you move the fabric Left to Right, you close the space between the needle and the hook, so the hook has an easier time of grabbing the thread. When Dawn describes moving the machine away from you, she says it opens the space up between the needle and the hook assembly. On George this would occur when you move the fabric Right to Left. That is to say you move the fabric away from the throat of the machine, the fabric will pull the needle ways from the hook or away from the throat area of George. If deflected enough, the hook can miss the top thread forming a missed stitch. Finally, when dawn says you move the machine right to left, it moves the needle towards the hook. Thus tying the know a little earlier than planned. On George this will occur when you move the fabric Back to Front. The fabric move towards you, the fabric will bend the needle towards the hook or towards you as you sit in front of George. Clear as mud? I believe I got all the directions corrected for how we move the fabric, and for how we are sitting 90 degrees to the right of how you would stand in front of a longarm. Cagey
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    What happened to who's here

    We used to be able to see who was on line and who had visited for the day. I really liked that because I would sometimes sign in just to talk to a specific person about something. I\'ve noticed the last two days that this is missing:( Wish it was still there.