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    I finished my Twinkle Star

    Put this on the long arm this morning. I finished the binding after lunch. Love it!!
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    These are pics from their birthday.
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    Here are a few of the twins with their quilts giving them hugs and kisses.
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    T Row Studio

    Cactus Collage quilted

    Here is My latest Collage quilt ready for Squaring and binding This is a Laura Heine Collage pattern called Cactus collage sampler. I shrunk this to 60% of the original size. My Mother saw one in our Local Show and she said It was her favorite quilt at the show so I thought I could make that for her birthday. I have included before after quilting and the back I also included a copy of my doodle of how I was going to quilt this. Thanks for looking Have a great day
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    Antique Buttermold Quilt

    I finally finished one of my own during a slow time in my customer base......
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    I have finally finished quilts for Landon and Scarlett. Can you believe they are a year old already? They are such good babies. They both love their quilt and give them kisses and hugs all the time. Lol. Landon likes to pet his giraffe. These quilted up really quickly. My goal was to keep them soft and snuggley.
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    Supreme Grand Champion Winner

    A client had me custom quilt her "Thistle Pod" quilt top for her. She entered it in our county fair and was awarded "Supreme Grand Champion". This entitles the quilt to represent our county at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show in Harrisburg. The judge loved the quilting.
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    I love all if those quilts Heidi, the giraffe quilts are perfect and your quilting on them is super great. The pictures of the twins was really enjoyable to look at. I can see how adorable and cute they really are. I am so very glad Landon is doing good. I am still praying for him knowing he is still going through a lot. By the way, thank you so much for getting me on QD Wool. I know you did not know you had done that, but after reading your post back several years, I tried it, and will always order it. I still have some QD Puff, which you told me about many moons ago, and I still like it, but the wool is really hard to beat.
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    Heidi, the twins are absolutely adorable. I'm glad to hear that Landon is doing so good. It definitely looks like the quilts were a big hit!
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    Sue E.

    Cactus Collage quilted

    Beautiful quilt, gorgeous quilting. Thanks for showing us your doodles. I wish my mind could see things like this. I do enjoy seeing how gorgeous quilts can be with great quilting!
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    Cactus Collage quilted

    That is gorgeous!
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    The twins are absolutely precious!
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    Cactus Collage quilted

    It is wonderful. Appreciate the drawing as well. So nice to see the "behind the scenes".
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    You always come up with such cute ideas for quilts. Then you manage to quilt them perfectly. The twins are just adorable. Can't wait for them to start talking.
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    Cactus Collage quilted

    WOW! So much work! You're a nice daughter.
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    Beautiful babies!! The quilts are so cute and the babies seem to love them.
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    Really sweet quilts and wonderful news. Thanks for sharing your cuties
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    Surge Protectors

    Here is a link to the different types of UPS systems (line interactive verses double conversion); http://www.qpsolutions.net/2015/06/line-interactive-vs-double-conversion-ups-which-ones-best/ It explains the two systems better than I did. Cagey
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    Wow Dell 3 sets of twins?! They are a lot of fun and I really enjoy spending so much time with them, although I can say I'm exhausted by the end of the day. I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope the new boys are doing well and get to come home soon.
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    Hi Rosemary, I used minkie (silly spell check and I didn't catch it) for the giraffe and the rest are just cottons. QD wool is pretty much all I use any more. It provides great loft and is so cozy. Even my hubby noticed the difference.
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    I have a policy with State Farm - the premium is around $25 a month. It protects my Millie and IQ, plus provides liability coverage for unhappy customers or damaged quilts (material costs only). I don't meet customers at my house so I wasn't worried about coverage for someone being injured on my property. It is a separate policy from my homeowners. Carol