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    Surf Song Bargello

    Just off my quilt frame this week, "Surf Song" bargello. From the book Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts by Eileen Wright. Needed a king size quilt for my bed and instead of adding borders to make a king sized "Surf Song" I kept building the bargello to the edges. I quilted it with IQ and the panto Ripples by Lorien Quilting. I will make coordinating batik pillowcases and of course still need to bind the beast!! Robin in MT
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    Bonnie in Ok


    I put my red snappers on extra fabric that is sewn to an extra set of zippers. I can change out the zipper with the red snapper or zip on just another zipper.
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    Bliss Quilter

    Millie delayed. Rats

    Pamela, Now that you have had you Millie for some time now, are you having fun! I have had mine 3 years and I fall Deeper in Love every day. Except the cleaning part - but it must be done to keep her singing and not grawling
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    Surf Song Bargello

    Thanks so much. The quilt is 114 x 100. I wanted it big enough to drape on the sides and also to allow a little for shrinkage when it gets washed. I did preshrink my Hobbs cotton batting but did not preshrink the batiks so we'll see how that goes someday... And Cagey, something that goes with my green walls was just what I was going for. The wall color is called pale opal and I love it, but it Is not the easiest color to find coordinates for, even with all the fabric out there in the world. Isn't it amazing how many colors of a color there are?? I love the movement on this quilt pattern, too. I live by a huge lake and I was thinking of water with a little sand and grass when choosing my colors. My husband's response when he saw it on the bed the first time was "it's crooked." See what I deal with in my life everyday? Gotta love'em. Robin in MT