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    Maggie Town

    This is the next quilt in line for my cutomers grandchild. She changed the layout of Maggie Town because she didn't like the look with the 30's fabric. Maggie's afraid of some animals so she didn't add as many. So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. 80/20 Hobbs. I've reposted Ethanburg so you can compare the two quilts. Maggie Town (6) by Libby G, on Flickr Maggie Town (3) by Libby G, on Flickr Ethanburg by Libby G, on Flickr Ethanburg by Libby G, on Flickr
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    Dog gone cute

    I would appreciate ideas for quilting this. Thanks!
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    mommy and me

    I love it, turned out so cute. Your quilting is perfect for this one. The yellow and gray are lovely together.
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    In Harvey's path

    David, You are right. Texas will overcome! I am a Katrina survivor, having had 3 ft. of water on the second floor of my home and flooding again 2 weeks later with Rita. We lost everything we owned and our business as well. I know that is is very hard for everyone that is going through this, but they will get through it. I remember doing nothing but crying and watching the news for any glimpse of my community. The only coverage seemed to be of the 9th Ward in New Orleans. My entire community of St. Bernard Parish was totally destroyed, every building, home, church, school, etc. was totally under water. Two weeks after the storm I was sent to Pennsylvania for my job and wasn't able to see my home until 2 months later. My husband, daughter and son-in-law were able to salvage some things but not much, everything was pretty much trash, but it was my stuff. I was OK with it as long as it was still in my house. I went to my house one day after work to look around to see if there was anything else I could salvage and found that the volunteers had come and gutted my house. I stood outside my house and sobbed. I called my husband and was so upset I couldn't speak. While everything was in the house, it was still my stuff, but seeing it piled outside for the trash collector I realized it was all trash. I know, funny how our minds think. As I was telling this story to my brother and crying about my stuff, he put everything into prospective for me, as he had lost a child many years before Katrina, he said, "Minnie, it's just stuff!". I realized then that no one in my family died in this storm and he was right, it was just stuff and I could always get more stuff. I never cried another tear about my stuff! So yes, Texans will cry about their stuff, rejoice for lives not lost, fight with the insurance companies and FEMA, rebuild and move on.
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    Elephant quilt

    I love those elephant quilts, and your quilting took it to a whole new level. Beautiful!