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    Using Two Layers of Batting

    Kathy, I saw that you mentioned your Type A personality with a little perfectionism thrown in! I hear ya! A few months after I got my Lenni (2 years ago) I jumped in with both feet and signed up for a class through craftonlineuniversity.com . It is called APQS Longarm Certification, Sponsored by Fons and Porter. Dawn Cavanaugh teaches the class. It's 14 lessons spanning maybe 16 weeks or so. It is not for the faint of heart! Dawn is a great teacher and she expects a lot.....so that should feed your perfectionism. It is pricey --- $499.00! But, what I learned in that class would have taken me years to learn on my own. Most of the assignments are mailed to Dawn and she personally critiques them. For being an online course it is very hands on and I cannot say enough about Dawn. The course also covers starting and building a business; it is pretty all encompassing. I am happy to say I passed the class and have the Certificate framed on my wall to prove it! Look into it.....good luck! Nancy
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    Which Size Bobbin to Get

    The only thing I struggled with when ordering my new machine was the bobbin size. I placed the order with the larger M size and almost immediately changed my mind and went back to the smaller Smart bobbin. I've been using the L size on the APQS machines since 2001 on three different machines and have never ever had one moment's problem with tension (or anything for that matter) and I also don't mind changing bobbins so I stuck with what I had used and had such good luck with. Who would think that the bobbin size would have caused me so much back and forth and emailing and calling to get that order changed! Now I sit back and wait for the new Milie to arrive!