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    Birds nest on back - help please

    I have both an APQS Ult 2, and a Gammill Classic machine that are Intellistitch equipped. Part of Intellistitch's system is a baste feature. You can select either a 1/2 inch or 1 inch setting so when you move the machine a stitch is fired at the appropriate interval. When I used this feature I would get exactly the problem results mentioned here. Birds nests every once in a while. It was discouraging enough that I didn't use the feature often. In the regular stitches per inch mode, if I used the 6 per inch setting I would also occasionally have that problem. I thought on this long and hard, and eventually it came to me: stitch length affects tension. The longer the stitch, the looser a given tension setting would produce, the shorter, the tighter. To solve the problem, all I had to do was increase the tension when I basted. Now I do exactly that. After I complete the baste, I loosen the tension to sew at 10 or 12 stitches per inch I usually quilt at. Because of this experience, I'm pretty sure the problem you're having is a tension issue. I think tightening the tension will solve it. Good luck. Jim
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    APQS machine services

    Dave Jones has been known to travel to service or deliver machines, Sue, but right now there's some concern about his ability to deliver what he promises. There are several of us that are willing to travel to do Machine Services - I've been to Alaska once and Hawaii several times to do service and training for APQS owners. There are others, as well. If you're a member of the We Love APQS Facebook group, that would be an excellent place to ask for traveling servicefolks - it's watched more diligently by reps than this forum is!
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    Loyal customers. ???

    No one has replied, so I will gingerly step in and give you my take on the problem. Adding a computer to your machine does not mean that you should raise your prices above the industry standard, especially for overall designs. The customer doesn't care how you get there or what you use---they are interested in the finished product and don't want to pay extra for computerized when someone else can do the same thing for less. I'm talking about pantos/overalls, not custom. Also, you have "niched" yourself. You have inadvertently sent a message to your customers that you are out of the panto/overall business by showing lots of custom quilting. Custom=$$$$ to everyone. Make some simple quilt tops and quilt them with overalls or a panto and show them everywhere. Remind them that you're still around and offering the less-expensive quilting. I think your customers perception of what you offer and your pricing has been muddled---that you are now too expensive. To get them back in the fold, use your favorite method to contact them and offer a blow-them-away deal on pantos and overalls "exclusively for you, my favorite customer". Any size quilt up to a Queen (you supply the limit for dimensions) with a choice of three pantos/computerized or freehand overall (not a big meander) for $100. This will price you at less than a cent-and-a-half, but will give your business a boost. They will dig out all the big UFOs and maybe get one done as a Christmas gift. Limit the number (like first 20 quilts) and limit the month---like November only or first two weeks in January. See if that will nudge them back to you. Good luck---it's disheartening when the customers you think are friends stop becoming customers.