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    Christmas panel

    Here is the quilt.
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    Christmas panel

    Georgia and i have been working on Christmas. I finished this panel for my Granddaughters birthday this week. I purchased the panel at a great quilt shop in Laramie WY during our summer travels. Used Glide thread on top in brown. Pleased with the blending. Had a lot of fun with my GEORGE named Georgia.
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    Birds nest on back - help please

    I have both an APQS Ult 2, and a Gammill Classic machine that are Intellistitch equipped. Part of Intellistitch's system is a baste feature. You can select either a 1/2 inch or 1 inch setting so when you move the machine a stitch is fired at the appropriate interval. When I used this feature I would get exactly the problem results mentioned here. Birds nests every once in a while. It was discouraging enough that I didn't use the feature often. In the regular stitches per inch mode, if I used the 6 per inch setting I would also occasionally have that problem. I thought on this long and hard, and eventually it came to me: stitch length affects tension. The longer the stitch, the looser a given tension setting would produce, the shorter, the tighter. To solve the problem, all I had to do was increase the tension when I basted. Now I do exactly that. After I complete the baste, I loosen the tension to sew at 10 or 12 stitches per inch I usually quilt at. Because of this experience, I'm pretty sure the problem you're having is a tension issue. I think tightening the tension will solve it. Good luck. Jim
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    Niece wanted to make a quilt

    Wow! That's impressive! The benefit of youth...no fear and quicker learning ability ;). Good for her and great job by yourself getting her going!
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    Trimming Question

    For clarification, Lora, I trim down to 1/2 inch and sew my binding on and THEN I trim off the excess batting and backing before folding binding over.
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    Trimming Question

    Cagey: I've both sewn down the outer edge, and left it unsewn. I pretty much leave it unsewn now. The problem I've encountered sewing it down is that as I quilt, the top seems to get bigger. I've speculated that this is because the piecing is not pressed tight to the seams, and as you quilt that extra fabric migrates to the pieces and makes them bigger than they first appeared to be. At any rate as I approach the sewn line at the edge I end up with a "wave" of extra fabric. In order to avoid the puckers associated with this technique, I have to cut out the edge stitching anyway. So now I avoid this by just not bothering to sew the edge down until the quilting is done. Since you're only dealing with a six inch border, that I assume isn't pieced, theoretically there isn't any extra fabric hiding in the seams to move out, so you'd be OK doing this. Now my entire experience is limited to frame mounted machines, so I don't have any experienced with cabinet mounted ones, and that sewing down the edge might not result in the same problem. Just my thoughts. My experience with trimming is that many quilt judges will knock off for not filling the binding with batting. They look down their noses at unfilled or quilt top filled, binding. BTW, I like Linda, never trim a quilt for a customer. I'll cut excess batting away, leaving a generous allowance for finishing. Jim
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    Trimming Question

    Okay, I'm confused. When you trim a quilt, why would you trim it 1/4" or 1/2" larger than the edge of the quilt top? Why not trim even with the edge of the top? If you roll over the backing to use as the binding, I can see trimming 1" away from the quilt top, but you'd still have to trim the batting away right up to the edge of the top. What am I missing? I'm always interested in how and why others do things differently, so please help me understand. Could it be that I've been trimming my quilts wrong all these years?