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    Usually I am my own worst critic but I finished a quilt for a customer last week that I am really happy with. It is a king size Grandmother's Flower Garden, all hand pieced. Every flower is made up of seven different fabrics, and every fabric was only used once in the quilt. There are a few repeats in the green background but not in the flowers. She worked on it on and off for five years, and she must have collected every basic fabric out there for the last 20 years. It was so much fun quilting the flowers and looking at all the different fabrics, recognizing many of them. She asked me to "make the flowers look like flowers", and I think I did
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    MQS was disappointing

    I went to the MQX show in Springfield IL this fall and was also disappointed with the number of vendors and the items they offered for sale. I was prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on fabric, rulers, and whatever else caught my eye. I ended up with a couple of fat quarters and some batting - at least my husband was happy! In 2016 there was a vendor there with a bunch of Kaffe Fassett fabric. When I emailed her this summer to see if she would be at the MQX show in fall 2017, she said she would never be returning to that show because she lost so much money between travelling and the actual cost of the show. She seemed to still be angry at the entire situation, based on the curt response I received. I'm guessing that vendors just can't compete with online sellers' selection and prices so most of them only attend a couple of really big shows each year. I see their point, but it makes me sad. I like to see and touch the fabric or thread before I buy it.
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    I live in Tucson, Az. One a year we have a Quilt and Sewing Show known locally as the Rusty Barn show. Gammill is always there. Handiquilter is usually there. And so is RocketBlocket. Even Innova was there last year but not this year. But never APQS. We have one of the best machines out there. I'd love to see APQS represented. I've only owned my Millie for 6 months or I'd do it.
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    Mary Beth

    APQS Ruler Mate for sale

    Be sure to list if it is for a machine with or without a thread cutter, and the price. I love my Ruler Mate.
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    A few words from someone who has done local and regional quilt shows (as an APQS Representative): As Madelyn said, APQS Corporate is stretched thin with the national shows (AQS, PIQF, Road to CA, etc.) and the cost to truck in a booth full of equipment, literature, quilts, racks & stands and other booth trappings is enormous. APQS depends on its local Reps or Stores to participate (or not) as vendors at smaller shows, but even then, the cost is often prohibitive. Not all Reps have enough equipment to participate effectively as a vendor and find it difficult to justify renting additional machines/tables from APQS in Iowa. And not everyone is interested in interacting with the quilting public at a show. Another issue: my local Rusty Barn shows aren't limited to quilting-related interests. In fact, more than half of their classes (and vendors) are either garment or fiber related (knitting, embellishment, etc.), which means the attendees are less likely to be quilters. The cost of being a vendor, including the booth fee (which can run several thousand dollars), has to be weighed against the possibility of sales at that show. I agree that it would be awesome to have an APQS booth, with all the machines, at every Quilt Show! Is that likely to happen? I'm afraid not...
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    Happy Veterans Day

    yeppers....my dad served in the army during WWII. He was in the second wave that hit Normandy Beach. By the end....he saw most of his group killed in action....he was one of about eight that survived....He was wounded.....he got a purple heart....never talked much about his experiences over there......I found a letter he had written to my mom after both had past away...he wrote of how he hoped to see her again.....and asked her to pray for me that he would come home.......she must have......
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    Happy Veterans Day

    Thank you. Multiple veterans in my immediate family. Including my husband, mother, sister, brother, father, father in law, brother's father, step father, etc.
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    Happy Veterans Day

    Yes Cagey! That is why I love to be a part of Quilts for Valor. My Father and Father in law served in the Air Force most of their lives. God bless the USA!!
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    I am not sure how all of you bury threads, but after taking Cindy Needham's class, this is one of the easiest methods I know of, and it does not require any special needles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n34ggPYamjc If you do it another way, maybe this will help you. You may it even easier if you barrow a short piece of low test "braided fishing line" from your husbands. The thread while thin as sewing thread is much stiffer and holds it form, thus does not slip of the needle all that easy.