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    Hi-Tech Inbonded Quilting thread

    The cones are smaller than I'd like, but will work and probably suit a lot of hobby quilters more than the larger ones I like. The weight of the thread you're proposing better suits our usage. As far as pricing goes, I really have no idea what your production cost might be. All I can say is that I use YLI Longarm Professional most of the time, and buy it for about $8 a 3000 yd cone. There would have to be something really special about your thread to get me to pay significantly more than that, so for the 600 m cone you intend to offer, a price of $3 or less would seem competitive.
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    Thanks ladies!! Sharon, I called Sheridan and ordered the color I needed and several others today. If I had the time today, I would have traveled the hour and a half it takes me to get to her and picked it up today. I should be able to finish the customers quilt Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. I know I will make sure going forward that when a cone gets down to the half way mark, I'll be ordering another one, particularly one that I use a lot. It's so frustrating when you're on a roll only to be stopped because you run out of thread, a real bummer. Thanks again ladies, I appreciate your responses. Happy Quilting,
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    Hi-Tech Inbonded Quilting thread

    EmbroPoly, recommend you provide volunteer LongArm quilters with a few spools of thread for testing. Trust me these guys will be honest with their evaluations. We did this with another company a few years ago. The company was very gracious/generous with the quilter's who tested their threads. They would be representing themselves for endorsing your thread not the APQS Company.
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    I forgot to post a picture of the finished quilt. I ended up using Bottomline thread top and bottom.
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    Dog gone cute

    Thank you so much for wonderful advice. I was too far along to try trupunto, great suggestion, but I think the doggies pop because I used 2 layers of batting. It does feel heavy somewhat, but fine. I was asked to share pictures! I am pleased with how it turned out.