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    Christmas Quilting

    Thanks for your kind comments! The tree skirt was a fun project. I wasn't able to source ready made ribbon trim, we don't have a local shop in town that sells that sort of thing, so I ordered a yard of the buffalo plaid and figured out how my rolled hem foot worked for the first time . It worked so well for this, I was thrilled! I love when I have those little victories! The table runners, I figured I'd have those whipped up in no time...of course it took me a lot longer and only just made the deadline! Seems every year I have the same talk with myself to get at it earlier in the year. Happy Quilting!
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    Help! thread shredding

    I was able to finish the quilt---King Tut to the rescue! I flipped the pigtails (had used emery on them too) and checked the screw heads with nylon and emery. I may have had the sandwich too tight, but was able to do the whole quilt with King Tut without any breaks, just a funny catch when the magna bobbin was getting low. I figure the sandwich tightness and winter humidity is probably the culprit this time. Thanks for the help.
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    Christmas Quilting

    Just a few projects completed for Christmas. The table runners are from a Sew Kind of Wonderful free pattern on their website and the tree skirt inspiration came from Pinterest at the request of our son who wanted a "cabin themed" tree skirt. The three tree'd runner was my first project off my new Lucey! I'm loving the extra room already! Kathy
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    Sue E.

    Christmas Quilting

    The all look great. I love how you quilted the runner and trees.
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    Christmas Quilting

    The tree skirt is awesome. I love it. And both of the table runners are very pretty.
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    Christmas Quilting

    Very nice, I love the tree skirt.
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    Christmas Quilting

    Very nice and your quilting is just right for each one. Love what you did with all of these.
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    Gail O

    Christmas Quilting

    Love the table runners!
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    Ribbon for Rita's Quilt!

    Somehow I missed this post! Wow! Yes, tears in my eyes. How wonderful of Roland and yes, Betsy, you deserve that ribbon. God Bless You and thank you for sharing.
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    Donna TKO


    Sharon, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! The article had great information, thank you for that also. I purchased a used Lennie and this was pretty much my first quilt on it, except for practice pieces. The front looked great and I while I looked at the back, obviously I didn't look at it close enough and I about fainted when I noticed those spots. Since this was the back of the quilt, I will try tightening the top tension a little. I used Superior Omni Thread, 40 wt on the front and back. I used a Panto; not near ready to try free motion! The panto is from Urban Elementz and it's called Vintage. I attached a couple more pictures, my first try at flying geese - they were really fun to make! Thanks again Sharon, it means a lot just to hear someone say "it's okay"! Donna