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    My quilt made it as a finalist at the “Road to California” quilt show. It was not awarded a ribbon but wow what an honor to be at this show.
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    Donna TKO

    String of Pearls

    That is beautiful!
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    My Dilemma

    Shana and the others have given good advise. The only thing I would add is to consider getting the quality machine that you can have in case you need to start earning home income due to business changes. I got my 2015 Lucey in June 2015, and was able to pay it off while working at another income job (we are self-employed). This summer our distributor pulled the product I was making and we ended up without any income to maintain our home and life. Because I already had Lucey I am now in the process of starting a quilting business while hubby works away from home. There are some issues that make it wise for me to be the one working from the home and him being the one going out. So get the right one for you but look to the benefits that you might need in the changes in the future.