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    Design for center of quilt

    I have a custom for a good friend who made a Delectable Mt Quilt. She is Modern and doesn’t want panto. Name of quilt will have something about the Blue Ridge Mts. Am doing paisley feathers on the outer edge. Was trying to get star in quilt but don’t think it’s going to work.
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    tension with Dream Blend batting

    Thank you all so much for all the suggestions and all were followed....but...... Thought I would update this topic. The glide thread worked but this customer really doesn’t like the shine. I thought this is not going to beat me. So ........I needed top tension tighter? i changed my needle to a 19, mostly cause I ran out of 18s I retreaded the machine and looped the thread through both holes on the thread guide above the tension disk. O I took off the ruler plate and took off one paper side of the bobbin and “ voila “ it worked. It is great tension without having the tension knob and bobbin case at extreme settings. I wish I had done each separately so I would know which one worked or if it had to be both. This custom is primarily freehand with little ruler work so I might find out later. Hope this helps you when your stumped. thanks again for all all the help.
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    Crosshatching can be done on a 45 degree or any angle. I have made two large right triangles of fabric to match the angle I choose, sew one to the top left and one to the bottom right corner of the quilt top, creating a new rectangle, mounting the quilt so that I can use the lock on my machine to stitch a perfectly horizontal line across the quilt top but is in fact at 45 or 60 degrees. Then I remount it to stitch the other line in the crosshatching. It is fast and accurate, but takes time to set up. Once the set up is done the lines almost stitch themselves on their own. It works for me - but is a time consuming work of love.
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    Crosshatching with a computerized system is tough because of fabric draw up and matching each point across the quilt after each roll. I haven't crosshatched an entire quilt but did crosshatching on a custom quilt surrounding all the blocks. I used a ruler from quilters apothecary made for crosshatching.