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    NQR...New Addition

    New addition to our Family! She is a two and a half month old "Teddy Bear". We named her "Bitzie" (a play off of Itsy Bitsy); she is no larger than a pop can.
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    Ornament Webs by Jessica Schick

    today it is ugly and rainy with a Northeaster. SO I'm working on my SIL,'s Halloween quilt using the blocks in Jessica;s set. Love how it is working out. Thought you would enjoy! Using Superior's Rainbows thread and no problem with it today. It must be the Rain!!! 20170930_160401 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170930_154450 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    NQR...New Addition

    She is adorable!!! Enjoy your new family member! I think she needs a quilt !