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  1. jimerickson

    Stitching Problem

    If your tension is tight on top, and the bobbin tension is moderate, and you're still getting flat lines on the back, your quilt sandwich might be too tight, or your hopping foot may be too low. It could also be that your leveling roller is set too low, causing the quilt sandwich to forcefully drag on the needle plate. Check them out as well. Jim
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  2. Thanks for the ideas! After some test-runs, I’ve decided I will use registration marks to keep on track with the wavy lines as Gail suggested, and will use a pre-drawn motif and the lazer, as Jim mentioned, for inside the large triangles. Both great ideas!
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  3. I have an ULT11, sometimes my thread would leave the thread guides...so I got some fishing rod guides (the circle things that you thread the fish line through on the rod) and glued them in several places on my machine to help keep the thread in proper line. I no longer have my thread jump out of the guides. Another thought.. check your needle shaft...if there is any play in the shaft then it needs to be replaced. Also, what Jim said...make sure your timing isn't off on your machine.
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  4. Gail- Thank you! Your post is very helpful. I think I will SID the triangles as I come to them. There are no piecing lines that would be useful as a guide for the horizontal curvy lines. I do like the idea of making registration marks - I think that should be enough to keep me on track. I’m nervous, but feel it’s time to dive in! I appreciate your help!
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  5. Primitive1

    What is your style?

    I have several sets of zippers and love them, you can sit down to pin them on and if you need to remove an unfinished quilt for some reason, it is easy to zip it off and back on again...I also have large dowels that my DH put large rubber covered hooks on one end of each dowel and I use those to rest my clamps and straps on....
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