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    Learning to Adapt and Overcome

    For the past 15 or so years, I've always went to the Texas State Mountain and Dulcimer Championships in Glenrose Texas. My wife and I both play the dulcimer and autoharps. This festival is in it's 37th year and is held at an RV park. They have a huge stage and have performers on stage from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. They also have workshops and of course the contests to choose the state champions. The RV Park was full and the music was plentiful. Everybody just brings their fold up chairs and sit on the grass under the trees and listens to music. Over the years for some of us it's not as much the music as it is just the fellowship. Some of us have known each other for 30 years or so. Several of us are also quilters....SOOOO...I arrive at the RV park Wednesday about 10:00 am and by noon the camper is set up and I have 3 of my quilting girlfriends loaded in my car and we hit the quilt shops. Had a blast and did more laughing than buying although each of us did purchase some fabric. One of my quilting friends, Kate, and her husband have a 45' toy hauler...she sets her quilting machine up in the garage part and quilts all week so this year I decided I needed to bring my machine and do some quilting when it got too hot to stay outside....Now my camper is no where near as large as her camper and I don't have a garage to set up in but I didn't let that stop me. I set my machine up and all my friends came by to see my Campers "Quilting Studio." They were impressed...actually had some women I didn't know stop by and wanted to see my quilting studio and my camper. Got quite a bit accomplished....made some blocks for a quilt....did a lot of reading....listen to some music...played some music...did a lot of visiting...and just relaxed and thanked God for all his blessings. So here is a pic of my Campers Quilting Studio. Small but very doable. Still trying to figure out how to get my longarm in this small camper. LOL. Next is view from front of my camper where I sat each morning and rocked with my coffee and read my Bible and thanked God for His blessings. The third pic is of everyone sitting around listening to the music...at night the place was packed out.
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    Thinking about upgrading. Thoughts???

    Thanks for the input. You have all expressed things I have been batting around for some time now. Q - will I ever do enough customer work to pay for the new machine and the new IQ (if I end up getting a new IQ)? A - definitely not. Q - will the new Millie30 be thaaaaaaaat much better than the Ult I with IQ that I have now? A -- probably not. Q - would I get enough enjoyment out of the new machine to make it worthwhile? A -- I think so. I think the pride of owning the latest and greatest machine, the lifetime warranty, the bliss system, and some of the other features would be nice and that I would be pleased with them. Q - will I be able to do that much more with a 30" machine than I can with my 26" machine. A - I think so. There have been several times when either a quilt of my own or a customer quilt required rolling up and back several times during a pass to get the whole area completed because size of the block was too large for the throat space I have. Not sure if 4" would make a huge difference, but on those occasions when I needed it, I think it would have really come in handy. I know this wouldn't be the case for 90% of the quilts that I do. Okay - and here's the truly stupid reason that I am seriously considering upgrading. My mother passed away two years ago and she had been encouraging me to get the new machine as a treat for myself. I never did it while she was alive and regret that because I think she would have had fun with it. My sister was in charge of getting the house cleaned up and sold. I thought that when the house sold I would use some of my portion to get the new machine -- kind of a thank you and tribute to mom. HOWEVER, my sister kept all of the money for herself. She stole my inheritance! There is a lot that I could go into here, but I won't (trust me it isn't pretty). Anywhoo, I determined that since I can afford it anyway, I'm still going to get the new machine (of course tomorrow my resolution may be back to waffling). Last question ---- L or M bobbins? I'm kind of leaning toward M bobbins just so that I don't have to change them that often. Has anyone had problems with the M bobbins? Thanks again. Keep the input coming.
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    I think it might be the fabric choice and not your machine, also batting can make this happen. Looks pretty normal to me... I really don't see a problem.