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    Brand new Lucey owner!

    Thank you Mark. It was funny, my husband came hom and looked at it, and that’s the first thing he did. Ay yi yi.
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    Track lighting above long arm?

    I use track lighting to illuminate both for my long arms, and the entire space of our quilting studio. Began years ago with halogen bulbs, which I've since replaced with LED's. I like track because of the flexibility it offers. If the original lighting plan is incorrect, or if your needs change, it is easy to move, add, or remove fixtures to better light your area. I've used both PAR 38, and PAR 30 narrow beam flood bulbs. Chose narrow beam because most of the light I need is task lighting. I've primarily bought 2700K or 3000K light color range, and 900-1200 lumen bulbs. Back in 2013 I paid over $35 per bulb, for the PAR 38's but the price has come down substantially since. As an example, I just replaced the florescent bulbs in my shop (screw in bulbs for track fixtures) a couple of weeks ago. I bought 40 PAR 30, 900 lumen, 25 degree floods for less than $100. Bought them off e-bay. I didn't like the florescent bulbs because they were slow to come to full illumination, especially when it's cold, and weren't focused at all. The electric consumption between the LED and the florescent bulbs were about the same. (the LED' are way less than the original halogens) I've managed to buy the the individual fixtures for about $10 each. ( over the years I've probably bought 150 fixtures to light both the house and work areas) When you flood the task areas with light, there doesn't seem much need for additional ambient light. Do yourself a favor and install track lighting over your quilting machine. Then if you need to move light around, it's easy to do. Jim