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    Maribeth: I don't have a computerized system, and my experience is limited to nearly a decade of reading posts, but I think the IQ is a better choice. I believe Quilt Path is a Grace product, and of course Grace makes all sorts of quilting products. Intelliquilter is made by Kasa Engineering, who make only the Intellistitch stitch regulator, and the Intelliquilter. A lot narrower focus. I've had experience with Kasa since I had two older long arms fitted with the Intellistitch regulators. Besides being one of the best stitch regulators on the market, they are very responsive to any problem you might have. They really do stand behind their product. From simply looking at the two systems, the Intellistitch seems to be better engineered. Their drive motors seem to be a better design choice than the belt drive system of the Quilt Path. APQS is a great company, so they won't sell you a poor product, so Quilt Path must be good, but if I were buying a full featured robotic system, it would be the Intelliquilter. It seems like folks with experience with both products prefer the IQ. I hope my thoughts are helpful. Jim
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    I have a 2007 Millie which I added an after market LED lighting and upgraded to Bliss several years ago. Never regretted that move even with the added expense of old vs. new. My machine is old and had it's first spa treatment last year and is running great. A couple of years ago added Intelliquilter computer. Love that addition also.
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    I agree with earlier posts - since this was posted here on the Forums, you're going to get answers skewed to the Forums. I will admit that I don't spend much time here on the Forums anymore, just pop in a couple times a day to see if someone needs help. I used to be here constantly. Now, much more of my time is spent on Facebook - partly because that's where I can keep up with family and friends, partly because that's where I can also keep up with customers. But mainly because of the immediacy of the two APQS FB pages - We Love APQS and the QP User Group page. Any post on either of those pages pings immediately to my smartphone and I can usually answer questions there within a few minutes. A question here requires me to open the Forums page, notice the question and then hope that the person seeking help is ALSO actively on the forum. There is definitely a delay in seeking and getting help here, and customer service is my prime concern. Where search functions are concerned, both of those FB pages have a Search box - you just need to put the appropriate terms in the box to get the info you need. If someone needs help doing this, let me know - I am the "queen" of search terms! I'm not saying that the FB groups are better or worse than this Forum, just that FB works better for me and what I need to do. I also hope these Forums stay around for a long, long time! But if you're not getting the help you need here, come visit us on Facebook, too. You might be surprised...
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    I am new to this forum. I have also been out of quilting due to medical things. But I am back..yay. I absolutely prefer forum based sites. To me, FB is, a swimming pool of insanity, and yes wanna- be's... The day I joined here, 24 hrs ago..lol..I have gained more real information, and answers to questions, that tailed the original questions, imagine that. You all are very helpful, and as in would call it..old school. And that's my cup of joe...(big smiles) So on that happy note, looking into a auto system...let's hear it..IQ .. quilt path..I want to be able to bounce from manual to auto, do not want it to be a mine field of things just to , say, shift gears..not sure if anyone in my area has these systems, i am willing to travel to learn and open to any help, no matter the distance..well, Hawaii would be a bit much..:) I also would like to say, you all here do seem to "care" when someone posts and needs help. How refreshing in these days of.. Again, thank you , one and all, And can I install it myself as I am have no "working" reps in my area.