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    leader grippers

    I used to use the leader grips and I still think they are great. But I have switched to zippers and find them to be even easier to use. It is easier on my back to sit at a table and pin to the zipper than to lean over my machine. snapping on the grips. But that strictly has to do with my back issues. Having used both, would have to say that the grips are faster but folks with hand or back issues may find them a bit trying. The zippers take a bit longer to pin in place but very easy on the back and hands. So you have to weigh the pros and cons.
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    Lost my mojo

    My Millie is set up in my deceased mother's bedroom. She lived with us for 5 years as she battled cancer. I can feel at peace even if I just go in and sit for a few minutes on my lunch hour. I wonder if in January, we are just catching up from the FRAZZLE of the Holidays. I love all processes of Quilt Making. It does bring me joy - but you are right.... Reflection and renewal is required as well. I last really quilted mid November. I feel like I am ready to go. Enjoy your quiet time as it is precious! Roberta
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    Sharon Deming

    Lost my mojo

    Today, my mojo is saying "Don't bother me - I'm resting." I don't want to start construction on the new quilt, I don't want to quilt. Lately, I have been sorting through the small fabric stash of my dearest friend who passed away about a year ago. Getting it ready to sell. Today all I want to do is sit with her fabric. I miss her. I have things to do for the new quilt, though. I make patterns and construction handouts for my quilts so I can teach a workshop on them. So there are a few files I create to document yardage calculations, cutting table, etc., EQ8 file to update, make sure I have all of the border sizes correct, etc. So today, I have my computer with me in the studio. I get to sit with Dorothy (her DNA is all over the fabric), and get some documentation going -- maybe. Or just sit. I will have a satisfying day either way.