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    Glide thread

    I’ve always had to back the tension off for Glide. Try one of these things at a time until you have success. First check the pigtail guides for grooves. For the three hole guide above the tension thread under the first hole and down the third hole, next I would back off the top tension one of two turns until the thread stops breaking then adjust the bobbin tension to balance. Also slowing down a little may help. That is what has worked for me in the past. Nigel
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    Lost my mojo

    Pamela, I too have this. I am cleaning my head out under the oil wicks and found lots of oil and black residue that might have gotten on mine or customer quilts (lucky it did not). This is productive time to inventory or work on embroidery, piecing, cutting with AccuQuilt out new projects. I joined a Quilt Along at the beginning of the year on Facebook under the AccuQuilt Facebook group that I am a member of, and we are on our second block this week. So it would be fun, and you need a qube, any size, and the angles companion to the qube, and the corners companion qubes. I am happily cutting and piecing these. It's normal to relax a bit now and then, and it keeps it fresh for you. I know, because when I moved there was a time of not really using it much. Each year, I often get so busy with my own Christmas quilts and clients that I feel like it's a burden to start another on the machine. So I take a week or more off. Usually from Dec. 10 - Jan. 6. This year's no different. Call me if you want to talk. You are my dearest friend, and I am always available.
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    Lost my mojo

    My mother was a hoarder. Her favorite item was paper of all kinds. She died last November and we are slowly cleaning out her house. My sister who will inherit the house is in no hurry to leave Florida for the weather we are experiencing here (14 inches of snow, followed by another snow storm, and temperatures in the teens). For those of you in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Alaska, I can hear the "you weeny", LOL but I digress. Last week when cleaning out a drawer, I found a birth announcement for a childhood friend along with a picture of her in the hospital bassinet which looked like a wire basket. My daughter, who has been helping me, tells me it is like a treasure hunt. That's one way to look at it!
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    I rocked the fly wheel back and forth, with the machine Off as I also blew 2 fuses! I used a large needle nose pliers to pull out the needle, moving the fly wheel slightly as I tried to pull up the needle. Good Luck !