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    It's perfect. What size is it? What company built it for you? I love the picture with the dramatic looking sky.
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    Love the pressing table. My wheels are spinning now!
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    Sounds like you've got your priorities straight. I'd love to go to Idaho. I have family that transplanted there 30 years ago. They love it. You have a nice, warm, and inviting studio to quilt. I could use a move just to force me to go through all of my stuff.
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    Allison S.


    Hi Everyone! I like this forum for searching for useful information. I find that I have to sort through too much on FB. For me, FB is for looking at pictures and giving people props for work they do. I haven't been active on these forums much. Mostly because I've had a life change that lasted many years. Now that I'm trying to get back to the living I hope to read more and share more. I have noticed that the forums aren't as busy as they used to be. I hope that changes as people tire of FB. I'm not on FB nearly as much as I used to be, however, I'm trying to start a business and it does seem that it's important to keep up with social media in doing so. I do love seeing pictures, so am leaving one here for the next reader. This is my mammoth (donkey) named Boone, modeling a colorful Disney character quilt that I made to go in a Disney themed room.
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    Just make sure it is secured to the ground. https://www.foxnews.com/weather/blizzard-winds-topple-tiny-house-in-colorado-send-woman-and-two-cats-inside-tumbling
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    Love it! Was recently talking to my husband about the same idea, only in Florida. Inside is just gorgeous. Showed your pictures to my Mr. Planted a seed....... What size is the building?
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    What a wonderful space! I love it and congratulations on your Idaho move. Idaho is a wonderful state; Lord willing; I would like to retire there!
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    Love it! Some things are a priority.
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    I love your quilt shed! How creative!
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    Nice space and I'm really glad you are back to quilting!
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    Sewing room finished

    My sewing rooms are my CREATIVE rooms. My Lucey room is my play room! Your space is super duper!