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    Quilting ideas?

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    Legacy batting? Wool batting?

    Sorry, you're right Cagey. I use Heirloom, buy it by the roll. The 96" comes in a 30 yd roll, and the 110" comes in a 25 yd roll. I don't buy the single batts or the small yardage offerings. Jim
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    Chrissie Devinney

    Quilting a Bargello

    Gail I took you advise and switched the direction I loaded the top - and I am DONE! Thanks for the vote of confidence.
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    Drafting chair to quilt?

    The UNquilting is what I use mine for also. Works great.
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    Drafting chair to quilt?

    I don't use mine for quilting but do use it for UNquilting. LOL
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    Drafting chair to quilt?

    A lot of quilters use a saddle stool. You can do a search on this forum for a lot of information on them and also search the internet or Amazon.com for them. There are some in most every price range. I definitely recommend one that is adjustable in height. I don't use mine often, but love it for doing detail work.
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    My personal Dinner Plate Dahlia is off the long arm. I don’t have a computer on my long arm so this was all hand guided. I am thrilled with the finished quilt
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    Allison S.

    Rail Fence

    Funny how sometimes we don't get what we expect. Often it's even better! I like how the white wins out. Very nice work.