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    Cutting Off a Customer?

    Well this is a tricky question like many that have pointed out you are renting the machine and they are quilting it, HOWEVER it also sounds like you are spending even more time assisting this person instead of just quilting it yourself. This is where boundaries must be established in the beginning. I don't rent my machine, for several reasons but that is another topic. I do know several others that have rental programs and most of them require a basic training class before even letting them rent their machine. But during this basic training you then need to set the boundaries that YOU are not there to hold their hand all the time, you obviously have other things to do that is why you are renting your machine. When people rent a car do they expect the rental company to be with them the whole time explaining what all the car does ??? No they don't they provide a basic understanding and then it is understood that the person driving has and understanding of driving a car. I know that it not exactly apples to apples, but I think you get my drift. NOW as far as those of us that do quilt for customers I have a similar situation I've had this customer that has now brought me in 2 absolutely terrible quilt tops, I spend a great deal of time trying to make them look the best that they can, but they still look God awful, and here is my problem with "well it's just a quilt that will be loved and the customer will be happy to have it quilted" There will be others that might look at this quilt and what do you think the first thing they will notice ??? that's right they will notice all the pleats and tucks and all that is bad, and guess what they will immediately think ? "Who quilted this" so no I don't agree to quilt someones treasure just because it is going to be loved. I have a reputation and granted I'm not always the friendliest person, but guess what I always have a waiting time for my quilting. I will be honest I'm having a hard time with HOW to tell this lady that I just cannot continue to quilt tops that are in this type of condition. My problem is I don't have a very good filter and tend to say exactly what I think sometimes, I think that is why most of my customers actually like me. I don't take advantage of anyone and I tell the truth. Okay this reply went WAY longer than I expected. The bottom line and something that I need to revisit myself is SETTING EXPECTATIONS !!! No matter what it is even if it means losing a customer if you set the tone then you are normally respected and they can not say they were never told anything. Thank you, The Grumpy old MAN quilter in Texas.
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