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  1. SueD

    Cutting Off a Customer?

    Just my opinion here so take it for what it's worth. I don't quilt as a business and my quilting for others has been limited to handful of charity quilts..... It would seem unlikely that someone looking at the low-skill-level quilt would be doing so in order to select a longarmer for their own project. It's probably not on display as a sample reference of your work or a showpiece, but being used as a quilt. In my limited experience, people who don't do their own quilting don't notice flaws. I haven't done many quilts, but I notice every bump and wobble and others just ooh and aah over how great it looks. As with many artistic endeavors, we are our own worst critics. Bottom line is it's your choice to accept or decline a customer. I'm thinking it's more likely that you will get more bad references from the "fired" customer than potential lost customers noticing pleats/tucks in another customer's quilt.
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