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    APQS Millennium machine with a 14' table. Stitch regulater Red snappers for leaders thread cutter/ with directional locks front & back handles bobbin winder laser light Hartley base with rulers bobbins & 100 needles one owner machine purchaser will be responsible for pickup/transportation & re-assembly. $10,000. I live in Guttenberg Iowa next to Mississippi. Any questions please ask me. Thanks Catherine
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    Broken needle now hitting on uptake!

    Dialed in and quilting! Thank you
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    another wedding!

    #1 son is getting married in april. #2 got married in October.....I had posted pics of his French braid quilt back then. so, back to #1 son..... I found this amazing fabric on clearance in Corpus Christi. after I fussy cut for the center block, I only had enough to make 2 border pieces cutting length-wise, so I didn't have a seam. I called the store for more yardage, nada. googled like crazy and after 20+ pages of opening all the links, I found some in Wyoming! bless them, they had about 5 yds. (so I'll make some pillow cases too). I'll take it! as for the pattern, it was made up of 4 1/4" squares. as I started to put it together I didn't like all the seams, so I re-worked the measurements to make it in bigger pieces. and I hate math! it was a brain teaser for sure. see attached pic of before and after. what a difference that made. I absolutely love this one! now, to quilt it. I would love suggestions, please. I have a Millie(her name is Harley) and have only played with Quilt Path in blocks so I'm not sure that I want to take on experimenting with this one.....
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    I am selling my Liberty to upgrade. She’s a 2006, had full spa treatment in 2018 with: new M&M wheels installed Automatic fabric advance (can’t imagine life without it!) stitch regulated 12’ table. 10 pantograph patterns A few needles and bobbins micro-handles Manual and a couple of books Just reduced to $4,200.00 I am only the second owner. I am in the South Central Ohio (45601) area. Buyer responsible to pick up, un-assemble and reassemble at your site. Serious inquiries only.
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    What to do about pokies!

    I finally did finish it. And Shana is right; it was the backing because it was homespun loose woven stuff. But I changed to Quilters Dream BLACK poly so all went great after that. On a side note, I used it on a set of placemats and the backing was RJR Thimbleberries from a long time ago. I had the same problem!
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    another wedding!

    This looks similar to a JoAnn block of the month quilt I did for a customer. I wouldn't hesitate to use Quilt Path because you have to learn sometime. You won't ruin the quilt. The outside feather border is Jamie Wallen's design. JA (2) by Libby G, on Flickr JA (4) by Libby G, on Flickr JA (6) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    butler quilting robots

    I purchased one from Dave jones in February and can tell you it was a GREAT investment. I was not able to afford either of the two leaders in computerization, so I looked at the Butler. I was never a great freehand quilter, so this tool has given me great consistency when doing multiple blocks, plus has allowed me to semi-custom quilts with designs I would never have attempted either freehand or stencil! I never thought I would use it for pantos, boy was I wrong! That is one of the best uses as it allows me to be piecing my own quilts no catching up on all my UFOs. My customers have been pleased with the results because most use all over patterns and my turnaround time has gotten shorter. Plus it is just fun creating and designing! Feel free to email me at lahufford@me.com if you have more questions, Lori
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    10'table for Milli

    Kathy, last time I checked on new rollers for a customer who wanted to do the Bliss upgrade, but also wanted to change the size of her table, the rollers alone were $1100.00 plus the 3000.00 cost of the Bliss upgrade. You could do the Bliss upgrade, which would include new axles and SR's, a new carriage and the table rails and table top. Then you could take your rollers to a welder and have then cut them down to size and re-weld the end on it. I would imagine it would be much more cost effective than buying new rollers.