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    My first custom!

    I got Millie in September and did two small quilts with a meander stitch. This one I went all out and did my first custom work with rulers and free motion. So thrilled with the turnout. Each stripe has a different pattern( stripes, plaid, cross hatch, meander, loops). The first border is wishbones and the outer border is piano keys. @quiltedjoy
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    Quilt Path vs. Intelliquilter

    Maribeth: I don't have a computerized system, and my experience is limited to nearly a decade of reading posts, but I think the IQ is a better choice. I believe Quilt Path is a Grace product, and of course Grace makes all sorts of quilting products. Intelliquilter is made by Kasa Engineering, who make only the Intellistitch stitch regulator, and the Intelliquilter. A lot narrower focus. I've had experience with Kasa since I had two older long arms fitted with the Intellistitch regulators. Besides being one of the best stitch regulators on the market, they are very responsive to any problem you might have. They really do stand behind their product. From simply looking at the two systems, the Intellistitch seems to be better engineered. Their drive motors seem to be a better design choice than the belt drive system of the Quilt Path. APQS is a great company, so they won't sell you a poor product, so Quilt Path must be good, but if I were buying a full featured robotic system, it would be the Intelliquilter. It seems like folks with experience with both products prefer the IQ. I hope my thoughts are helpful. Jim
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    I am new to this forum. I have also been out of quilting due to medical things. But I am back..yay. I absolutely prefer forum based sites. To me, FB is, a swimming pool of insanity, and yes wanna- be's... The day I joined here, 24 hrs ago..lol..I have gained more real information, and answers to questions, that tailed the original questions, imagine that. You all are very helpful, and as in would call it..old school. And that's my cup of joe...(big smiles) So on that happy note, looking into a auto system...let's hear it..IQ .. quilt path..I want to be able to bounce from manual to auto, do not want it to be a mine field of things just to , say, shift gears..not sure if anyone in my area has these systems, i am willing to travel to learn and open to any help, no matter the distance..well, Hawaii would be a bit much..:) I also would like to say, you all here do seem to "care" when someone posts and needs help. How refreshing in these days of.. Again, thank you , one and all, And can I install it myself as I am have no "working" reps in my area.
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    Gail O

    Pricing question on quilt

    Let it go. If you quilted what was requested in the price range you quoted, then you did nothing wrong. (Lovely quilting, by the way) There could be a boatload of reasons that she has moved on to another quilter; the most likely being that she wants custom quilting for pantograph pricing. Your business plan should not include financing others hobbies. Do not underestimate or undervalue your worth or skills!
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    probably nylon fabric. The quilt won't get used much, but I'm starting to think that you're probably right about not using it. Thanks for the help.
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    Is the graduation gown nylon?
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    I don't know about the graduation gown you have to work with but I have several from my children and I don't think they would be good candidates for binding. First of all the shiny fabric is slippery and hard to work with, it frays and would not stand up to much use. Maybe the gown you have to work with is much better quality.....but I wouldn't want to put all that work into a quilt and have the binding fail...:-(
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    Hello all, I relocated to Idaho and am in the process of building a home. I could not wait until a house was built to start quilting so I had a shed built. We finished the inside and this is now my very happy place. Jamie Bennett Quilts & Clay
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    Purchased in 2014, this machine was only used lightly. APQS Millie with Bliss Track System and the motor that turns the rails. Purchased everything for around $21,700. Asking $14,995 OBO.
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    I have a 2011 Lenni on a 10 ft bliss table for sale. $6800. She comes with the ergo handles(curved) as well as the upright ones. She has LED lights, manual and stitch regulated mode. She also comes with a stylus for grooved boards. I bought her brand new and she runs like a champ! I am including a free beginners class at my location. I am a certified dealer, educator and service tech. I am located in Jim Thorpe PA. You can also find me on the dealer locator page on the APQS website. This is for pick up only. Come and try her out! Call Lorraine at 267-255-3092 and please leave a message.
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    Ultimate 1

    Thanks, Nigel. I found it right where you said it should be. The needle does not stop in the same position. There is a 'pulse' button on the left handle and a 'run' button on the right handle. I am getting better at using the pulse button to pull up the bobbin thread. Now I am having tension issues. I am getting loose loops on the top and really loose loops on the back. I have the top looking better, but the back hasn't changed. Cindy
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    I have a 2007 Millie which I added an after market LED lighting and upgraded to Bliss several years ago. Never regretted that move even with the added expense of old vs. new. My machine is old and had it's first spa treatment last year and is running great. A couple of years ago added Intelliquilter computer. Love that addition also.
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    I am one of those who refuses to do Facebook (or rather Facebook do me). I have been reading the forum for the past 10 years and have learned so much from the folks sharing their experience and knowledge. I admit I have never posted a picture. Didn't take the time to learn how to do, so shame on me. The forum used to be a hopping place with lots of information. Now it seems to be just a used machine for sale site. So sad.
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    I agree with earlier posts - since this was posted here on the Forums, you're going to get answers skewed to the Forums. I will admit that I don't spend much time here on the Forums anymore, just pop in a couple times a day to see if someone needs help. I used to be here constantly. Now, much more of my time is spent on Facebook - partly because that's where I can keep up with family and friends, partly because that's where I can also keep up with customers. But mainly because of the immediacy of the two APQS FB pages - We Love APQS and the QP User Group page. Any post on either of those pages pings immediately to my smartphone and I can usually answer questions there within a few minutes. A question here requires me to open the Forums page, notice the question and then hope that the person seeking help is ALSO actively on the forum. There is definitely a delay in seeking and getting help here, and customer service is my prime concern. Where search functions are concerned, both of those FB pages have a Search box - you just need to put the appropriate terms in the box to get the info you need. If someone needs help doing this, let me know - I am the "queen" of search terms! I'm not saying that the FB groups are better or worse than this Forum, just that FB works better for me and what I need to do. I also hope these Forums stay around for a long, long time! But if you're not getting the help you need here, come visit us on Facebook, too. You might be surprised...
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    Welcome, Maribeth. As for the computer system, I just went through the same process. First you need to know what exactly you want to do with it. Reading the old forum threads is a good place to start but I found I had more questions than answers afterwards. The next step is to watch the basic videos on YouTube. Write down all the questions you have... and trust me, you will have quite a few The majority of people seems to prefer IQ over QuiltPath but I could never really get an answer as to why. I finally ended up contacting Angela Huffman of Quilted Joy because she was the only person I could find who seemed to be really good with both systems. And she was... she answered all my questions in detail, and I have ordered IQ through her. It hasn't arrived yet, so that's all I can tell you right now. Angela assured me I would be able to install it myself, and if I needed help I could just call her, and she'd walk me through. We will see how that goes... I am so excited.
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    My first custom!

    Thanks ladies! Can’t wait to get my next one on the frame.
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    Hey Bonnie, yes, it was packaged and sold as quilt batting. I also 'found' one when I went through my containers after my respet..ha ha Some other forums I have checked out trying to locate that particular batting, some said a few negative things about 3M, therefore they stopped selling it and you could now only get the pre crosshatched for like clothing. I dont know..glad someone has and remembers, that batting. Thanks Bonnie
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    That's your thread cutter. You have an activation button that will make the flat metal finger pivot and pull the bobbin thread between the blades to cut your bobbin thread, as long as the needle is up. You need a base extender made for one with a thread cutter, so your dealer gave you bad information and perhaps can remedy it for you. All Millies of your vintage have the cutters, so I wonder where the mix-up happened. The thread cutter can be removed and your base installed, if you think you won't use it. I use mine a bit and also can do SID without my base installed because the extra area on the left supports the template enough to get by. Search online or on this forum for the steps to remove the cutter. Edited to add---blow out under the plastic cover of the cutter to get the big ball of fuzz from between the blades.
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    I am making a memory quilt for a friend. She gave me two boxes of shirts to use, but I focused on the well worn t-shirts. One thing that was in there was a high school graduation robe. Could I cut this up and use it for the binding? Based on a pattern search, There should be more than enough fabric in there for the binding. Any thoughts? Pros/Cons? Thanks,
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    I love the Micro Quilter thread by Superior for ditching; it is almost invisible and the basic colors are all you need. I have been told the Titanium needles can cause problems in the APQS machines because titanium is a harder metal than the parts in the bobbin area are made of. If you break a needle and a piece of it gets caught it can score the metal and then catch thread. I used the titanium needles for a while but then reverted back to the regular Gross Beckert needles. I bet if you do a search on this forum for the titanium needles you will find more information.
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    Pricing question on quilt

    As long as you completed the quilting in 17.1 hours, keeping a $20/hour income level, I believe you have nothing to worry about. You should not give away your talent unless you wish to as a gift, with no strings attached. If some cannot recognize this, then their loss.
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    For sale - 12 foot long Baby Lock Momentum, Crown Jewel ll Quilting Machine, Prostitcher, 12-foot overhead lighting, So Fine quilting thread, cloth leaders, and quilting supplies. 18 inch quilting arm, thread regulator. I have all the books that came with it. Bought in March 2015. Quilts like a dream! My husband and I are going RVing, and there is no room for my beloved quilting machine. I will try to add pictures. Price is $14,000. I live in Missouri. If necessary, I can film a YouTube video about how to load it, set it up, and quilt with it.
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    Hi everyone! I'm finally responding to Ardelle's challenge to post pictures! Due to my crazy busy life, I was only able to complete 2 quilts in the past year. In less than 5 years, I've been blessed with 5 grandbabies... the 6th is due any day, and I haven't even started a baby quilt yet! These little munchkins plus a full time job keep a Gramma busy! LOL Both quilts are bargellos... "Lightning Strikes" is one of my favorite patterns. The first, the green one, was made for my son's wedding last January. One of my first attempts at custom, I sweat buckets over the thought, but in the end, I'm pleased with how it turned out. I used Ronda Byer's rulers for the border... first attempt with them. They are so easy to use. Quilter's dream wool, it's my new favorite batting), and a silver/grey minky on the back. Ok, now to try posting pictures, fingers crossed that it works. IMG_5811 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5818 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5814 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5812 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5824 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5820 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr The second, oranges & browns, was for my daughter & son-in-law. She wanted the quilting to follow the lines of color. Was tons of rolling back & forth, I think it took longer than the first one. Again, Quilters dream wool, and brown minky on the back. Both quilts are king size... 110 x 110 They take up my entire floor space in the living room IMG_6206 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_6207 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_6208 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_6214 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr Both girls picked the Lightning Strikes pattern, and they each chose their own colors, all Jinny Byer fabrics. I have her portable pallette... such a wonderful tool for choosing fabrics, especially bargellos. No issues at all with the minky backing, it quilted beautifully Thanks for looking, and thanks for the challenge Ardelle! And thanks also to Heidi for the instructions on using Flickr
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    2nd Custom Quilt on IQ

    Just finished my 2nd custom quilt using IQ. I have had my IQ since July 2016 and have been doing panto's for the most part as that is what I do for customers. This quilt is called Deck the Halls and it is designed by Claudia's Creations. I did the redwork with Claudia's machine embroidery CD and I used my stash of Sentiments by Moda for the pieced blocks. I did all of the quilting with IQ. I learned so much that my head hurts!! and I hope I can remember it all by the time I do my next custom quilt. Thanks for looking! Robin in MT
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    graduation gown for binding fabric?

    Beth, I agree with the gals. I also think it will look a lot better if you don't use it. It is going to give a pretty cheap looking job when you are done. I don't know if it would help to stabilize the gown, but that won't help the slipperiness and still not look as rich as you'd like, plus it is going to cost more.