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    Minkie/Fireside back problems

    I use glide thread top and bottom not problems. Do you ask your customers where they bought the minkie? There are some really terrible copycats out there. I have problems with the cheap brands. I prefer "cuddle" over minkie, it comes out perfect every time.
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    18-8 Gammill Vision

    12 foot table with attached light bar. Butler computer system included that was new in 2016. Machine itself was purchased in 2015. Has been serviced and has less than a million stitches. Price is $8000. Transportation and freight on buyer. Machine lives in Tucson. There are too many extras to mention.
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    What to do about pokies!

    I finally did finish it. And Shana is right; it was the backing because it was homespun loose woven stuff. But I changed to Quilters Dream BLACK poly so all went great after that. On a side note, I used it on a set of placemats and the backing was RJR Thimbleberries from a long time ago. I had the same problem!
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    2003 APQS Millennium for sale

    Kim The quickest way to contact anyone on most forums If they didn’t post an email or phone number is to click on their name on the left side and from that page you will find a button to send them a message. That will go immediately to their email as it doesn’t look like Catherine has been on site in many months. Good luck with your search. Nigel
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    DD, You might increase the font size to 72 for the words SOLD, SOLD, SOLD. Yes it's SOLD! That might catch their eye. Other than that, you just have to remember certain invaluable words of Dave Ramsey about things you can't fix. Cagey
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    Connie I think you are thinking of zeke. Robyn click on the envelope icon at the top of the page and send a message to zeke I think he is the most knowledgeable Computer-Quilter person here. Nigel
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    I don't know anything about compuquilter but Zoltan at Intelliquilter now services them. There is one guy quilter on here who knows a lot about the compuquilter also, hopefully he will chime in.
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    magical hexagons

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    What to do about pokies!

    LinneaMarie: Shana's right about the fabric, but I'd like to add that the 80/20 batting you're using isn't the best when it comes to bearding as well. I prefer to use a poly or more preferably, wool because they don't beard. I don't use 80/20 much anymore unless the customer wants cotton batting. Jim
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    What to do about pokies!

    LinneaMarie, it's not the batting, it's the backing fabric. Can you change the backing fabric?
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    What to do about pokies!

    I've got POKIES!! I hate pokies. I thought it was me, but this is the second quilt with them. The first was for me; just placemat. This one is a customer and it's homespun front and BACK! I'm using Hobbs 80/20. It used to be wonderful; not so much anymore!! So i'm thinking of taking out two rows and using Quilters Dream Blend. Shoulda known!!
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    Is this machine still available?
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    Take up roller brake

    You have several things to look at---it doesn't have anything to do with the brake. First, make sure the backers you load are perfectly on-grain. This can be done with tearing the fabric instead of rotary cutting. If it's always on one side, your rollers may not be perfectly parallel or level. Just a small bit high on the right side will cause that side to roll tighter, which magnifies with every advance. Use a long level to check for horizontal level. Then adjust the bolts that attach the roller to the frame until the roller is level. Unfurl your leaders when you check for level so you are on bare metal and not the canvas. The front roller can also be off as far as distance between the take-up rollers. If the right side is farther out, it will roll tight on the right side. The solution is looking at the bolts that fasten it to the frame. You need to count the bolt-threads on each bolt, left and right. If the numbers are off---make them match. You can also count the bolt-threads on the back roller attachments if you don't have a long level. Finally, your leaders may be un-square/off. There are lots of tutorials that show how to fix warped or saggy leaders. Usually having (or making) a straight edge, then pinning the leaders together works well. Pin them, spritz them with plain water, tighten them, and let them dry. Hoping this is helpful!
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    Baby Quilt

    Baby quilt I made for a friend. Nursery is done in these colours and theme is sheep
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    With all batting, the scrim goes next to the backer---so it faces down. With that said, most scrimmed cotton batting has the scrim buried within the layers. The fibers are needle-punched into the scrim (a sheet of very strong and very thin polyester) and the key to placement is the direction of that needle punching. Your machine needle should go through in the same direction as the needle punching. So look at the batting---one side is smoother and has tiny visible holes (dimples). The other side will be rougher-looking and a bit raggedy (pimples). So the rule is "show your dimples---up---and hide your pimples---down". Another way to tell is most batting is folded with the "good" side out, just like fabric. That good side goes up and the uglier side down---look for the center crease/fold line. Make it a mountain instead of a valley when it's loaded. Poly batting may have a chemical scrim---an application of a chemical that bonds the poly fibers on only one side. That side feels much rougher and it will be placed next to the backer. Hope this is helpful.
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    Batting poking through on back

    I had that problem with the cheap batting Joanns sells. If someone brings me that I refuse to use it anymore.
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    Fought the battle of pokies for so long using Hobbs batting and stitch form never really hit the quality level I was looking for.. Finally learned my lesson. Without sounding like a Quilters Dream salesman, I will never switch back to anything else. The "Select" thickness is fine, and it helps with stitch form inside the quilt. The "Deluxe" thickness is even better with stitch form but be ready for a heavy quilt. Also I'm leaning toward 50 wt. poly thread rather than 40 wt. Good luck.
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    For Sale: Gammill Vision 2.0 30-12 with 12 Foot Frame. $12,995. This machine has a 30 inch throat, gam guide, laser light, upgraded breeze track, ruler base, rear handles, and various accessories. Machine has been professionally serviced and is in excellent working condition. Freight shipping available for an extra fee. Otherwise, you may come test it out and we will help load it into your truck or van. My email is tweid04@gmail.com. Thank You!
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    Double batting shows the quilting beautifully, but be careful if you use rulers. They have a tendency to catch on the hopping foot because the batting is so thick. For normal quilts one layer is best. Try Dream poly if you don't want pokies. Hobbs 80/20 used to be nicer to use.
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    Minky on the back- batting or not?

    It will work either way, but batting will add a lot of weight to an already-heavy project. It's not necessary to use batting with Minkee, so it's your call. Load with the selvages pinned to the leaders and make sure the side clamps are loose and not stretching the Minkee at the sides. I actually pin the top and the Minkee together all along the sides and then fasten the side clamps over a pin. It seems to stabilize the stretchy Minkee a bit and reminds me not to tighten the elastic of the clamps too much.
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    Batting storage?

    I purchased a 4'x12' painters canvas drop cloth, sewed a casing on each side and ran a cord thru the casing and then looped the ends of the cord around the ends of my frame ... makes a perfect sling to hold the batting for one quilt.