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    T Row Studio

    butterfly qult

    This is a small version of the butterfly quilt pattern drafted by Sherrie I love orange and I am making most of my quilts this year with orange in them. anybody have a killer name for this quilt....it is always funto play with one of your own quilts.... I hope you enjoy , many of the designs I have not done before but have found a couple I will do again for sure back of the quilt close ups of the background this one I have named bubble wrap rulers and freemotion oops I see a thread.... more thread that will get cleaned up
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    butterfly qult

    Terry, as usual you really nailed this one. I love it. It is absolutely stunning. Don't know what to name it, but this came to mind when I seen it. " Heart Of A Butterfly." I don't know where that came from, just popped into my head.
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    Sue E.

    butterfly qult

    Wow! Your quilting is fantastic. I love orange. This entire butterfly quilt is gorgeous.
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    Quilting ideas?

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    butterfly qult

    Wow, I would love to make one in purples or blues. I hope Sherrie comes out with the pattern, what is the size of the quilt? Terri, this is one of your best, you are an inspiration.
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    Gail O

    butterfly qult

    Jaw dropping_ingly gorgeous!
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    butterfly qult

    Another beauty! I hope that is going into a show. It is meant to be drooled over.
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    butterfly qult

    Ohhhh Terry, wow you really did create a masterpiece. I love it and I'd name it The Butterfly Effect, or maybe not. Please keep sharing. Sharon
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    Just a suggestion: Take all 3 rollers to the welder/fabricator at the same time. Have him cut off the end without the gear, and then re-weld the shaft caps after the rollers have been shortened. Tell him you want them to all be shortened exactly the same amount. After the rollers have been shortened then take to shortening the actual table top. With the rollers in hand it will be easier to get the top cut to the right length. No chance of measuring errors, or communications mistakes. Good luck. Jim
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    The water spritzing and rub is what works best for me. Also just lightly rub with your fingernail and see how that works.
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    Occasionally they come up for sale but they are usually expensive to ship. Maybe a local welder or machinist can take off one end cut down the length and weld the end back on. Then you would need to make or buy new leaders. Should be pretty cost effective. Nigel
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    New owner of Lenni

    Thanks everyone. I'm still learning but I've quilted 3 of my own. And 5 for charity.
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    Legacy batting? Wool batting?

    Sorry, you're right Cagey. I use Heirloom, buy it by the roll. The 96" comes in a 30 yd roll, and the 110" comes in a 25 yd roll. I don't buy the single batts or the small yardage offerings. Jim
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    Chrissie Devinney

    Quilting a Bargello

    Gail I took you advise and switched the direction I loaded the top - and I am DONE! Thanks for the vote of confidence.
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    Have I just bought trouble?

    Deb: Not really a long arm. I had a stretched 622. It was based on Singer 96 industrial machine. It had a 15 inch throat. I noticed a while back that the then current 622's were no longer stretched, just 9". I don't remember what the 633 was. It wasn't one of KenQuilts real long arms. KenQuilt went out of business 5 or 6 years ago. Their "real" longarms were pretty good machines. I don't understand your question about the location of the needle and foot. I think they are in the same place you'd expect to find them on almost any other machine. Jim
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    Features I wish APQS had

    Good points, but a couple of hints. You can remove the front take-up roller if you exclusively float your quilts. It won't enlarge your stitching field, which is set by the frame configuration. You won't be able to stitch any closer to you than you do now. But it may mean easier access since you don't have to lean over the roller. Micro-drive handles are available for APQS machines. They are helpful for microstitching and control. They attach below the regular handles, which are loosened and pushed up out of the way. The micro-handles can then be used for ruler work and they independently pivot up out of the way, so you can stitch using one handle. They keep your hands very close to the top. The down-side is not ready/easy access to your controls, but in SR mode, it's not an issue. I suppose it's all about what you get used to and how easy a work-around is for perceived issues. I baste in manual with speed slow and head moving so I make 1/4" stitches. Or if I'm basting the sides, SR on and longest stitches. APQS innovates all the time, so maybe your wish-list will eventually be a reality.
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    Drafting chair to quilt?

    The UNquilting is what I use mine for also. Works great.
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    Drafting chair to quilt?

    I don't use mine for quilting but do use it for UNquilting. LOL
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    Drafting chair to quilt?

    A lot of quilters use a saddle stool. You can do a search on this forum for a lot of information on them and also search the internet or Amazon.com for them. There are some in most every price range. I definitely recommend one that is adjustable in height. I don't use mine often, but love it for doing detail work.
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    My personal Dinner Plate Dahlia is off the long arm. I don’t have a computer on my long arm so this was all hand guided. I am thrilled with the finished quilt
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    Allison S.

    Rail Fence

    Funny how sometimes we don't get what we expect. Often it's even better! I like how the white wins out. Very nice work.
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    Handi Quilter Avante Longarm & ProStitcher machine bought in 2010 but used very little due to health issues. It comes with 12 foot Studio Frame. The 18" throat provides 15 inches of space, perfect for quilts ranging from crib to king size. Bright LED lights, Bobbin Winder, Ruler Base, Also included is the HQ Pro-Stitcher. This was installed in 2011 and is updated and ready to use. I will also include the training manuals. Great buy for beginning quilter and with HQ videos available and Tech Support. Located in East TN. Asking $14,500. Contact Patty pmpatty48@gmail.com