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  1. ffq-lar

    SID on a large quilt

    If you plan to do all SID first, start in the center. That's where the most fullness will live and where the eye focuses first, so it needs to be flat and symmetrical. The big issue with this is what happens to the rest of the quilt when you start in the middle. You'll need to float it, so secure the top edge of the top with pins (don't stitch it down because you may need to re-position it later). Then advance to the center, smoothing as you advance. When you reach the center, adjust so it's symmetrical then stitch baste or pin baste horizontally above and below the center. Then baste the enti
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  2. I also want to know how quilt a polyester T-shirt with rubberized logos and I am glad I have found my question answer over here.
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  3. RunningThreads

    Freddie question

    Probably here are the instructions. https://www.apqs.com/fuse-replacement-video/ Nigel
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  4. If you undo the four thumbscrews that hold the handle clamp on and let the handle hang. You will see a couple of Allen head screws holding the back part of the clamp to the head. Tighten them up and reassemble. Nigel
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