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  1. jimerickson

    Nikki knocking

    Don't know what you mean by "knocking", but if it's a kind of popping sound, could be a bad needle. If it's a metallic click, the hook could be hitting the needle too hard. A couple of thoughts for you. When you find the problem be sure to let us know. Might help someone else in the future. Good luck. Jim
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  2. SueD

    Fons and Porter video

    I don't know about a specific Fons & Porter video, but there are a lot of YouTube videos on loading quilts. There's one a lot of people recommend called "Loading Lori's way". Whirlsnswirls quilting also has a youtube channel and I'm pretty sure I saw a video on loading. She's an APQS dealer and has several hundred short videos posted stitching out various quilting designs. APQS has lots of articles https://www.apqs.com/category/education/quilt-prep-loading-tips/ They also have a youtube channel.
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  3. dbams

    Can't seem to get quilting

    Pamela, we are all pulling for you. You can do this! <3
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  4. Gail O

    quilting on batik Faric

    You could try using a smaller needle. I'm guessing that the batik fabric was not washed, prior to using in the quilt. Heavy dyes and tightly woven fabric, make it a bit harder for the needle to go between the fibers, so it's kinda punching through.
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  5. ffq-lar

    Lucey sewing very slow

    The first question is, have you set your stitches per inch above the minimum? In S/R mode, it won't stitch unless the spi is advanced above the minimum. Hoping it's this easy fix. You'll do fine!
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