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    Anita Heath

    Sounds like needle flex could be a big part of your problem. A larger needle and a shorter stitch length will reduce flex and should help. How old is the machine? If it is a little old I would be checking for worn bushings in the needle bar. I had this happen to me with one of our APQS machines years ago with a new shipment of needles, same brand and size. The cure was to redo the timing and all was good. Let us know what you find. Nigel
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    Dawn Retired?

    Good luck to you Dawn. Thank you for all you have done over the years and for sharing your wisdom. We will miss you.
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    Millie with Intelliquilter for sale

    For Sale: Millie on 14 ft table with ClassiQ Intelliquilter computer and motorized advance! I'm listing for my friend's husband, she died. I believe it is a 2008. She used it for personal use only, not business. Included in the sale is Ruler Base and assorted Quilters Apothecary rulers, Micro handles, Bobbin Winder, Zippers w/ pins, Thread, Batting and quilt books. asking $16,000. Located in East Troy, Wisconsin. Buyer is responsible for take-down, transporting and setup at their location. Please Email me with questions, gayleb@elknet.net