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    2003 APQS Millennium for sale

    Kim The quickest way to contact anyone on most forums If they didn’t post an email or phone number is to click on their name on the left side and from that page you will find a button to send them a message. That will go immediately to their email as it doesn’t look like Catherine has been on site in many months. Good luck with your search. Nigel
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    DD, You might increase the font size to 72 for the words SOLD, SOLD, SOLD. Yes it's SOLD! That might catch their eye. Other than that, you just have to remember certain invaluable words of Dave Ramsey about things you can't fix. Cagey
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    What to do about pokies!

    LinneaMarie: Shana's right about the fabric, but I'd like to add that the 80/20 batting you're using isn't the best when it comes to bearding as well. I prefer to use a poly or more preferably, wool because they don't beard. I don't use 80/20 much anymore unless the customer wants cotton batting. Jim
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    What to do about pokies!

    LinneaMarie, it's not the batting, it's the backing fabric. Can you change the backing fabric?
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    Batting storage?

    I purchased a 4'x12' painters canvas drop cloth, sewed a casing on each side and ran a cord thru the casing and then looped the ends of the cord around the ends of my frame ... makes a perfect sling to hold the batting for one quilt.