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  1. Too bad we're 80 miles away. I'm looking for lessons too. Any luck? Thank you Karen
  2. I live in orange county New York. I would like to learn long arm machine sewing. Help anyone have suggestions??
  3. Would you be able to ship this? I know it's a crazy question. I wanted to learn and I'm interested. Thank you Karen
  4. Is this still for sale? I live in New York would you ship? Thank you Karen
  5. Is this machine still available? I am new to quilting and wanted a machine that has an extension table. Does this have one with it. Thank you I'm awaitomg your response
  6. Hello. I am new to quilting and am interested in your machine, is it still available? Do you have a picture you could email me please. Thank you I'm anxiously awaiting your response;)
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