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  1. I rocked the fly wheel back and forth, with the machine Off as I also blew 2 fuses! I used a large needle nose pliers to pull out the needle, moving the fly wheel slightly as I tried to pull up the needle. Good Luck !
  2. I can’t believe I did this ! I had one row left to quilt but needed to change the needle. I got the new needle in but did not tighten it enough - with the screwdriver and you guessed it. The needle dropped out, is jammed and I believe I blew a fuse. I have had Millie since the end of March and this was my 11th quilt. I am taking my new owner class this coming Saturday. I have tried pulling the needle up out of the quilt with needle nose pliers but can get it out. Any help would be appreciated !
  3. I have been using my Millie for Free motion Quilting. Now I need to use a border in my Quilt Path but continue getting the message it cannot connect. I have plugged the USB directly into the tablet but it still will not work any help is appreciated
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