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  1. There are 2,676,508 total stitches on the machine. I can only ship there if you make all the arrangements for shipping. I don't want to be responsible for packing and shipping it myself.
  2. Nancy, Yes, it is still available. The table and poles can actually be broken down into two 5 foot sections. You can then use it as a 5 foot table, or 10 foot table. You should be able to fit it into your Rav4.
  3. Vickiec, we would prefer to keep the machine and frame together for sale. Thanks. UPDATE. We will consider selling the machine without the frame. Please email me if you wish to discuss.
  4. ***Please Note*** *** The machine was sold today - Saturday, July 21 *** Thank you to everyone that showed interest. --------------------------------------------------------------------- We are selling our well loved Baby Lock Crown Jewel Long Arm machine. We are upgrading to a new APQS Lucey with computer and would love to find a good home for our Baby Lock. She is in excellent condition. We purchased her in 2011 as an anniversary present to each other. She has a little less than 80 hours on her and she has been completely reliable and problem-free. She has lived her entire live in our smoke-free home and has been used to produce several quilts, from King size to wall hangings, for family and loved ones. All the quilting was done freehand, and she performed beautifully. For those that do not recognize the machine, it is actually manufactured by Hand Quilt, and is the same thing as the HQ Avante. It has an 18" throat space. Please see the attached picture showing the features. Please note that the machine has full stitch regulation. In addition to the standard features, we are also including the extra LED lights we purchased, frame locks for looking the carriage vertically to do horizontal seams/basting easily, template ruler table, laser stylus, and the pattern board stylus...all of which were options we purchased with the machine. Also included is the original bobbin winder. Also included is a 10' Majestic frame. This frame is well suited to all sizes of quilts and we have made a couple of king size quilts on it. Included with the frame are the fabric leaders and a complete set of 'Red Snaps' for ease of mounting the quilt sandwiches. The pictures attached to this post show the machine and table as they are today in our house. You will notice that the machine has handles on the front and back, so you can quilt from either end of the machine, allowing you to use pattern boards or printed patterns, as well as freehand from the front. Asking price is $3,000. Local pickup in West Chester, PA. If shipping is needed buyer is responsible for making arrangements. Please email any questions to: Jim.harris1@verizon.net. Or, call (610) 431-2848 and leave a message. We are getting our APQS Lucey soon, and really want to find a good home for this machine. Thank you.