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    byfrantoo reacted to msjeannie@live.com in Reduced priced $8000 2014 LUCEY FOR SALE. 10 FOOT TABLE WITH BLISS TRACK TEXAS   
    I have a 2014 Lucey with stitch regulator and bliss and 10 foot table for sale. Great condition. I live in Texas. Unable to ship. $8500. Manual, needles, bobbin winder, assorted pantographs also included. Email me at msjeannie@live.com if you’re interested or have questions. 
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    byfrantoo got a reaction from Gail O in Looking at a used Millie   
    I did find those numbers, one is in HIghlands Ranch, very near where the machine is.  Now I have to wait for the seller to get in touch with me.  From what I can gather it has been just sitting for several years.  A tech will be a lifesaver at this point.
    Keep posting if you have any other info--I need all the help I can get.  I currently have a Block Rockit on a Grace frame so this would be a HUGE upgrade, not to mention expense for me so I am very happy to hear from all of you APQS owners.  This would be my dream machine and used is probably the only way I can get one unless I get to win the Millie (planning on that ya know!)
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