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  1. I bought a set of these for my Lenni last March, & I love them. I saw your question(a few days back), & I looked on Amazon, but they didn't have any available, so I was on Amazon tonight, & it showed that one set was available. Here is a screen shot of the Mono Clips, I know these work on APQS Lenni, & my fingers no longer feel a like a pincushion. LOL
  2. Love this Quilt!!! My best friend just had surgery for breast cancer, waiting to see if radiation or chemo is next. I would love to make this for her, so if you, or guild has a pattern, I want to buy the pattern. Thanks
  3. I love my spoon foot, & it was well worth the cost. I've had problems with a few seams that were bulky, & my Lenni would jerk, & not go over the seams smoothly but with the spoon foot I very seldom have any problems!!! I bought my Lenni a few months before the newer machine came out, & it wasn't easy finding the spoon foot. I hope you can find one.
  4. I was having problems with my Lenni moving, discovered that my horizontal channel lock was vibrating loose and causing Lenni problems.
  5. If you ask on APQS facebook page, you usually will get a response within an hour. I'm interested in this also
  6. I can only say Thanks, & may God Bless You for putting the information on this forum for all to see!!! I'm buying a new Lenni, But I've also been looking at a few APQS used machines(sold by owner), & had I bought a used machine Dave Jones could have sold/setup/moved my machine, so people in the Quilting world should be Warned. I'm not rich, & $10,000 is a lot...... of $ to my family!!! I feel like DeLoa should be held accountable also: She went to the house with him(so she is part of his business), said that the problems would be fixed, she is married to a him, so it's not like she doesn't KNOW he is stealing, & screwing people our of their hard earned money!!! If she can point out items that need fixing, she should fix them, or pay someone else to fix the machine.
  7. I Pray you were not hurt(Family, or Home) by Florence. Is this still available, if it is what comes with it? dianne31331@darientel.net or 912-832-4865
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