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    dianne31331 reacted to SWall in Fancy Forest Quilt   
    Finished my Fancy Forest Quilt (design by Elizabeth Hartman) this morning.  
    One problem I have is my grandchildren all want one  What have I started??
    It was so much fun to make!
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    dianne31331 reacted to Borderline Quilter in Toot Toot!   
    Can I share my news?
    Had a call this evening to tell me that I won 1st for Longarming at Quilts UK, Malvern on my Customer Mary's quilt...WooHoo! 

    It was a stunning top even before quilting!

    Marys Feathered Star Applique 2 by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr   Marys Feathered Star applique 1 by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr  
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    dianne31331 reacted to T Row Studio in butterfly qult   
    This is a small version of the butterfly quilt pattern drafted by Sherrie I love orange and I am making most of my quilts this year with orange in them. 
    anybody have a killer name for this quilt....it is always funto play with one of your own quilts.... I hope you enjoy , many of the designs I have not done before
    but have found a couple I will do again for sure

    back of the quilt

    close ups of the background

    this one I have named bubble wrap

     rulers and freemotion  oops I see a thread....

    more thread that will get cleaned up

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    dianne31331 reacted to Vicki G in butterfly qult   
    WOW!  Gorgeous quilting!  Great job and choice of colors!  I think I would name it "Fire Fly"!
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    dianne31331 reacted to Marie0722 in I Woolly Love Ewe   
    Once in a while a quilt comes along that is just special. "I Woolly Love Ewe" was one of those, I love the design and the title, and I was thrilled when Wendy asked me to custom quilt it for her. Isn't the black sheep super cute? I am really happy with the way it turned out, and it looks even better now that it is bound and washed. I love the picture Wendy sent me of the finished quilt, the little girl seems to agree with me on the black sheep (I have permission to share this picture online.)

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    dianne31331 reacted to LisaC in Sew Tweet Finally Complete!   
    Sew Tweet, a  pattern by Chitter Chatter Designs. I hand appliqued and embroidered the blocks in 2014; along with completing the top. Finally this year, I free motion quilted it on my Mille. This was a very fun project began by me and Lisa E. in 2014.  It was my first attempt at embroidery; I was so blessed my Mother used to do all my embroidery, but she has since passed away. The blue birds remind of Cinderella birdies!!

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    dianne31331 reacted to Robin in Surf Song Bargello   
    Just off my quilt frame this week, "Surf Song" bargello.  From the book Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts by Eileen Wright.  Needed a king size quilt for my bed and instead of adding borders to make a king sized "Surf Song" I kept building the bargello to the edges.  I quilted it with IQ and the panto Ripples by Lorien Quilting.  I will make coordinating batik pillowcases and of course still need to bind the beast!!
    Robin in MT

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    dianne31331 reacted to Pennyquilts in My Dinner Plate Dahlia off the long arm   
    My personal Dinner Plate Dahlia is off the long arm.  I don’t have a computer on my long arm so this was all hand guided.  I am thrilled with the finished quilt   

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    dianne31331 reacted to Kueser in Finding clients   
    Join a local guild but don't be surprised if you get the cold shoulder from the resident quilter in the group. Volunteer to help with their projects. Once they see your work, people will migrate to you. Don't go after the other quilters' clientele but wait for the new members who will find you are available when the others are backed up. Word of mouth gets you lots of repeat customers.
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    dianne31331 reacted to RenaH in Finding clients   
    I was told a good way to get clients is to offer free quilting for charity quilts just to get your name and work out there. People need to know your work before they trust you with an actual quilt. 
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    dianne31331 reacted to qltnbe in Finding clients   
    How about quilting some of the local quilt shops quilts that are on display with the understanding that they will suggest you when someone asks about that quilts.  Also, if you are in a guild, advertise in your membership booklet and/or do some free quilting of charity quilts that are donated to your guild.  If your guild has a quilt show, make sure you place some of your quilts in that show with your quilting on it.  Your name as the quilter will be on that and is great advertisement.
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    dianne31331 reacted to mamu in Finding clients   
    What I did when I first started out was I made up coupons for a Free quilting, edge to edge I choose the design, lap size or smaller, to be used within 3 months and handed them out to our sew group ladies.  I also made sure my prices were very competitive ...in fact I was less than the norm when first starting out and then after my clientele was established I gradually increased my price.  I do have another perk for loyal clients... 8 paid bed size quilts, gets a Free quilting for a lap size or smaller.
    Doing this I was able to pay off my longarm within 10 months!
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    dianne31331 reacted to T Row Studio in Mommy and Me x3   
    I was fortunate to be able to quilt Three of these baby Quilts for the same customer. She Used the Pattern Mommy and Me.
    She used a white on White Fabric That had a 1" diamond grid printed on it for the Background in the center area as soon as I saw that that 
    I wanted to practice some grid work . I just went for it what do you think do you practice on customers quilts?
    Hope you have a great Day.

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    dianne31331 reacted to Bonnie in Ok in Daughter bag   
    Here is a bag I made for my daughters birthday. She is a music teacher so think she will like it. Thanks for looking. first pic is turned wrong way and don't know how to turn on post, second pic is the inside on bag.
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    dianne31331 reacted to Pennyquilts in Dinner Plate Dahlia #2 Martha Penner color way   
    This is the second of three Dinner Plate Dahlia’s that I have quilted.   This one I tried to keep the quilting contemporary. There is no feathering on this quilt.  Unlike the Summer in Cabo quilt with many thread changes.  This quilt I only used the one color of thread.  It was a blue/grey and perfect for this quilt.   Again, there is about 56 hours into the quilting.  

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    dianne31331 reacted to PamelaG in Baby Quilt   
    I really like how this baby quilt came out. 

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    dianne31331 reacted to Marie0722 in Sea Breeze   
    I recently finished this quilt for a customer who usually does her own quilting on her domestic machine but thought that this one was too big for her to handle. Aren't the colours just beautiful? She had already drafted most of the feather design for the background, I just added the centre part as it was too much space to be left unquilted and chose the design for the circles. We are both very happy with the way it turned out.

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    dianne31331 reacted to T Row Studio in Eureka quilt   
    Our guild did a mystery a few years ago. I redesigned the corners and added a scalloped edge to mine the original pattern is called eureka a variation on a log cabin block with an awful lot of angled seams. the beast measures 120 inches square. I know this is a bit blurry smehow in the translation it gets that way it is better on my Facebook page if you want to look there.

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    dianne31331 reacted to AnnP in Bunny Quilt   
    quilting my appliqued bunnies,My quilting is better than my applique. LOL

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    dianne31331 reacted to lisae in My Poppy Quilt at DQNV Show   
    Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a great weekend!
    My Poppy Quilt received an honorable mention ribbon at the Desert Quilters of Nevada show last weekend. I never intended for this quilt to go in a show, but what a great experience it was. The story is bittersweet. This was my project when I went to Arizona to help care for my Pop when he had terminal lung cancer. That was in 2004. I couldn't touch it for years. But I finally finished the quilting and showed it at a guild circle meeting. I was "encouraged" to enter it in the show. I'm glad I did because I learned so much!
    The second photo is of my granddaughter, Hal. She loved going to the show with me. She had her sketch book and was drawing the quilts she liked. I asked her which was her favorite and she said, "Your quilt, Grammy!" Melted my heart!
    The border isn't really that ruffly! It just the way it was laying on the floor.

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    dianne31331 reacted to Mary Beth in Chris' Quilt   
    Why do I always have a long story behind everything?!
    Here it is. I made this quilt for my ex-husband's cousin's husband. So forget my ex-husband. My friend's names are Chris and Michelle. Michelle was my cousin for 8 years, but has been my friend for 39 years. I was there when Chris and Michelle started dating when they were in high school. After my divorce, Michelle's mom and dad wanted to keep me. I just divorced Randy, not the family. So anyway, Chris has been batting colon cancer for 4 years. This is the same cancer that took my sister's life. I wanted to do something, but up until now all I could think to do was pray for Chris. This week I decided I needed to make him a quilt. Since he is an avid Kansas City Royals fan, it was easy to figure out. I kind of threw something together and use the Circle Lord Egyptian Eye.

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    dianne31331 reacted to Cairns in Using up stash   
    I wanted to use up my supply of plaids, stripes, and checks. Ha! It will never happen. I used only my stash for the quilt top. 
    Lots of piano keys that are lost in the stripes. I quilted them to avoid a problem in the borders. The outside border is pieced and I'd used many woven fabrics.
    I just love my Lucey and plan to get better at using her.

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    dianne31331 reacted to judyday in Finished another one   
    I have finished another vintage top that i inherited for our familg reunion door prize. It was pieced in the early 50's by my grandmother. I recognize some of the fabric from the clothes my mom made us. Had a lot of fun doing this one. 

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    dianne31331 reacted to LisaFox in Another great quilt path quilt   
    This is a quilt we worked on this week.
     I'm very pleased with how it came out.  Neila Kobloth made the quilt and I got the pleasure of quilting it. Quilt path and I did a great job if I have to say myself. 

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    dianne31331 reacted to KathyP in First Quilt on George   
    This is the first quilt I've done on my brand new George sit-down machine.  My daughter and I made the quilt for a customer, so I was a little nervous, but I'm very happy with how it turned out.  I filled the center with a large allover Bear Claw design (learned from a blog post by "A Few Scraps"), then did a curved design in the border using a curved ruler by Accents In Design, in a design I learned from The Quilt Journal on YouTube.  I used SewFine 50 thread in a bright turquoise on the top, and medium gray on the bottom.  It was such a joy to quilt this on George!  Such a step up from quilting on my domestic machine.  Can't wait to start another quilt!