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  1. I looked this one up, it's epic and probably an artifact by now.
  2. wow that quilt looks magnificent. What kind of fabric is that?
  3. Have you ever done embroidery for your quilts or for decoration?
  4. I want a time traveling sewing machine so if I mess up it will go back to the point before I made the mistake.
  5. Silk is one of those fabrics that looks really enchanted. It's got a little bit of power in it. Scientists found that when silk comes in contact with moisture in the air it puts off a light electrical current. If you quilt with silk you'll be making enchanted bedding. Magical bed sheets are good for sleeping on they not only provide comfort but zap away all the little mites that like to live on the sheets. Silk is one of the most comfortable soft and smooth fabrics out there. Sleeping in it feels like your sleeping in a cocoon. The only downside to silk is that it requires careful washing techniques. I started a business selling silk bedding and embroidery products. I'm working on getting silk fabrics for quilting. Like jacquard and brocade fabrics, those have patterns woven into the fabric. Did you know a Chinese man can work the brocade for one whole day and only produce several CM of brocade fabric? ' If you have any silk quilts you made, I'd love to see them