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  1. APQS GEORGE FOR SALE $4600 Excellent condition. Purchased Re-certified directly from APQS in 2015 and is in the same excellent condition as when I received it. George happily stitches with all kinds of thread from Aurifil, Glide, Wonderfil 80 wt, Superior Threads So Fine, and Magnifico to name a few that I have used. Personal use only, have created award winning Art Quilts and quilted baby and lap quilts for family, and guild outreach. Includes standard table, Manual/DVD. Purchased the extra kit with additional feet in 2015: Includes open toe free motion foot, ruler foot and open toe pla
  2. Jim: Thank you so much for your reply. I'll bet that is/was the problem! I did fill those three bobbins that gave me trouble all at the same time in advance of working on that quilt. And my problem only happened when I inserted each new bobbin - never after stopping and starting in the middle of quilting. And the fact that by the time I went through my process of trying the same bobbin three times... I had by that time pulled off several lengths of thread, which obviously would have reduced the overwound bobbin thread. So your suggestion makes perfect sense in my case. I'm so happy
  3. Has anyone had this problem? I use self wound bobbins on my George (L size) and have never had a problem until recently. When I put in a fresh bobbin, pull up the bobbin thread, put my practice sandwich under to check on tension as I always have. When I press the white one stitch button to bring up the bobbin thread, I pull on the bobbin thread and it seems to feed fine. So I start stitching, and on the first or on the second stitch, the thread on top thread seems to get totally tight, (hard to move the thread through the top tension disks by hand) the machine seizes up, slows down the abi
  4. I removed this and reposted under the correct section of the forum asking for technical help. I've had my George since 2015 and this is a new problem.
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