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  1. I'm curious what others think of specific rewound bobbins—L size in my case. I seem to be doing just fine with the bobbins that came with my used Lenni. I have been using the SuperBobs and haven't yet tried the Magna-Glide ones (where you have to remove the check spring). Sometimes it is worth it just to stick with what is working. SuperBobs appear to be slightly less expensive than the Magna-Glide too. Again, I'm not having any problems . . I was looking at the MonoPoly Clear Prewounds (L-Style) and MonPoly Smoke on Superior's website. What is people's experience with these? If they work well and I'm really just trying to hide stitching on the back of quilts, maybe these are the way to go. If not, what colors of the SuperBobs do you find most versatile? As I'm sure you all know, all of these things add up and I do want to be wise with my money.
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