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  1. Is this still available. VERY interested. Live in Kansas City would need shipped.
  2. What more can I tell you. I am second owner of machine, first owner had it on a Little Foot frame, only put 200,000 stitches on it. I used Little Foot for a year and then upgraded to a 10 foot frame. I use it daily, teaching myself with Youtube videos. There are 6 1/2 million stitches on machine. Attached are further pictures, happy to take any pictures you would need.
  3. Babylock Coronet, stitch regulated with back panto handles, laser light, light strip under machine arm, 'M' bobbin, side quilt clamps, on 10 foot quiltmaker pro frame with casters, can adjust up and down. Instruction manuals and dvds for quilting included. Babylock bobbin winder and tools for machine and table. Ruler plate, several feet, bobbins, needles, some thread, several rulers and a few pantos. This machine works perfectly, oiled with each bobbin change. The only reason selling is I'm going to a larger quilter. I can help tear down, but will not ship. In KC area.
  4. Wish I knew how to organize a pickup for shipping. I am over 12 hour ride to Detroit, with Covid and working don't see a trip to your city. I am interested, good luck selling.
  5. How old is this machine, how old is computer that runs Quilt Motion5? How many stitches on machine?
  6. I too am interested in knowing more about this machine and location. thank you.
  7. I would be interested in more information and pictures. Can you tell me how many stitches on machine, and last time serviced. Thanks
  8. Is this machine still available? What else comes with machine? Laser, ruler base, pantographs? Is it stitch regulated
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