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  1. Vickiec

    APQS George For Sale - $2595

    Any chance a bobbin winder comes with it?
  2. Vickiec

    APQS George For Sale - $2595

    Do you have pictures? Would you ship? What comes with it?
  3. Thank you QuilterJim, someone will get a nice machine. Too far for me to travel on my own.
  4. How many stitches on machine? Would you consider shipping whole package to Kansas? I currently own a Bernina Grace frame, and feel the machine may fit on my shelf and frame. I currently use my Bernina830 for quilting.
  5. Vickiec

    Leader Grips SOLD

    I'd buy them from you.
  6. Do you have pictures of your Tin Lizzies, and costs for the machines?
  7. Vickiec

    George APQS quilter

    Would really like to see pictures, please.
  8. Vickiec

    George APQS quilter

    Is your George still for sale?
  9. Vickiec

    HQ Simply Sixteen Wanted

    Netta, do you still have your Baby lock Coronet and frame, what is price?
  10. I am looking for a good used APQS George sitdown machine. I live in the Kansas City area.
  11. I would buy your magazines. Are they still for sale?
  12. Vickiec

    Babylock Tiara

    Is this machine still available?