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  1. Can you give more information on machine, table, what comes with it?
  2. Wish I knew how to organize a pickup for shipping. I am over 12 hour ride to Detroit, with Covid and working don't see a trip to your city. I am interested, good luck selling.
  3. How old is this machine, how old is computer that runs Quilt Motion5? How many stitches on machine?
  4. I too am interested in knowing more about this machine and location. thank you.
  5. I would be interested in more information and pictures. Can you tell me how many stitches on machine, and last time serviced. Thanks
  6. Is this machine still available? What else comes with machine? Laser, ruler base, pantographs? Is it stitch regulated
  7. Where is machine located? How many stitches on machine?
  8. Where is the frame? Would it take a Babylock Coronet.
  9. Have these sold? If not I'd be interested in all of your books.
  10. Any chance a bobbin winder comes with it?
  11. Do you have pictures? Would you ship? What comes with it?