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    Yurt Quilt Auction - April 16-30

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful information! What an exciting project that quilted yurt was. I haven't seen Quilted Yurt USA in person but I HAVE seen all the panels for the auction and they are SPECTACULAR, so I can imagine that yours are as well. The auction bids begin at $300! I'm sure you are an amazing quilter, but if you want to have one of these, please bid and encourage your friends to do so as well.
  2. Paducah Quilt Murals Inc is excited to host an online Yurt Quilt Auction from April 16-30 featuring 19 beautiful works by longarm quilter Linzi Upton, aka The Quilt Quine, from Crathes, Scotland. We know they say good art shouldn't match the sofa, but we choose to differ. PQMI is proud to offer these 19 beautiful quilted yurt panels for your everyday enjoyment. Below is a sampling of some of the panels. Read more about this online fundraiser for Quilt City USA® Murals and see all 19 quilts at