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  1. I have cleaned, changed needle, rethread with a different thread, changed the bobbin. The stitches are much better, but I still am getting some bird nests on the back occasionally. We have been without internet for a until late yesterday so I haven't had a chance to watch the video. That I plan to do this weekend. I appreciate your help. Thanks! Cindy
  2. Hi jimerickson. Yes, I am now attempting to quilt. I have not figured out the tension issue though. Thanks for your help. Cindy
  3. Thanks, Nigel. I found it right where you said it should be. The needle does not stop in the same position. There is a 'pulse' button on the left handle and a 'run' button on the right handle. I am getting better at using the pulse button to pull up the bobbin thread. Now I am having tension issues. I am getting loose loops on the top and really loose loops on the back. I have the top looking better, but the back hasn't changed. Cindy
  4. I acquired an Ultimate 1 this past spring. I am just now able to set it up. I have some issues/questions. There is no user's guide. The gentleman I got the machine from rescued it just before it went to the dumpster. The previous owner was getting rid of it. He did a lot of work to get it to running order and used it successfully for 7-8 years. He moved to another state and a much smaller house and couldn't take it with him. He is not available for me to ask questions. I am unable to find the answers on the website. I cannot find the button to turn the light bar on/off. It comes on when t
  5. I purchased a used Ultimate 1and frame last summer. I am just now able to get it set up. There was no manual for frame assemble. Where can I get that information? Thanks!